Annoyances of Being a Christian Single

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You might enjoy a list put together by someone else (I don’t agree with all the views expressed on their list):

Surviving Church As A Single


The Surviving Church as a Single Scorecard

2. Your church has a singles ministry but it’s combined with the college ministry which creates opportunities for conversations like this:
Student: “My roommate bought a microwave for our dorm room. I love being a Freshman!”
Single: “My 401K is underperforming.” = +2 points

3. Your church has a singles ministry but it’s a triad that combines college, single adults and divorce recovery. = + 3 points

4. Your church has a singles ministry but it’s the dreaded quad, combining college, single adults, divorce recovery and retired widowers that refuse to move to Florida. = +4 points

5. Someone pays you the world’s most backhanded compliment, “I just don’t understand how someone as great as you isn’t married yet.” = +1 point

6. Someone told you, “If you stop looking for love you’ll find it.” 2 points for each time you’ve heard that.

7. At church, people give you weird looks if you refuse to sit in the “singles” section of the sanctuary. = +1 point

11. People are constantly volunteering you for things because, “you’re single, you’ve got so much free time.” = +1 point

14. Someone you just met for the first time said a sentence like this to you, “If you want to get married, you need to ______.” = +2 points

26. Someone told you, “Maybe you need to focus on being more like a Proverbs 31 woman.” = 2 points for each time it wasn’t sincere encouragement.

31. To justify giving a four week marriage sermon series to a congregation that is 60% single, the pastor throws out one blanket statement like this at the beginning of the series, “And you single people listen up to this too, this well serve you well when you get married too.” = +2 points

32. You set your alarm to “not going to church today” after the first week of the marriage sermon series. = – 2 points

34. Someone throws the “Paul was never married” card on you. = +2 points

35. Friends assume that the only qualification that matters to you when it comes to finding a date is that she’s [or he’s] available and set you up with people you have nothing in common with. = +2 points

There were a lot of good observations from readers on that page, including these by a  “Dan From Minneapolis” who wrote:

Howz ’bout…

If you are a single man over 40 and the word “creepy” pops up (of course, never to your face): +10pts

If you are a single man over 40 and the word “gay” pops up (again, never to your face): +10pts