Cannot Stand Rod Parsley – Greedy Pastor

Rod Parsley is one of the “Prosperity Gospel” frauds on TBN, and he has his own daily television show.

I was channel surfing today and watched a little of his show “Breakthrough.”

The topic of the program was fear.

The end of the show wound up being an appeal for money.

Parsley was telling his viewers that if they want to be freed from fear and anxiety to send his ministry $41.10, or larger amounts of $100 or $1,000.

He pretty much said if you want God to deliver you from your fears, that it requires a payment to do so.

How about informing people that God will heal them and deliver them for free, if someone just prays and asks Him to? God does not charge a fee for His services.

This guy comes across like such a thief and money grubber.

It’s even more disgusting to me, because I can just imagine someone who is struggling with a heart breaking issue in their life tuning into this huckster’s show and being told that if they want God’s help, it’s going to take a $41.10 check to some church or ministry.

January 7, 2011:

I caught part of Parsley’s show today. While ranting about abortion, he was using chalk boards as props, and the boards had pictures on them and text written in chalk.

I suspect Parsley has seen Glenn Beck’s show on Fox cable news, because Beck frequently uses chalk boards with pictures on them and the like while explaining stuff to his audience.

Why does Parsley have to copy off Beck? I hate it when people are unoriginal.

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