Jesus Wasn’t A Democrat, Either

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I really detest the attitude of some Christian pastors, who lecture their congregations and television audiences, that “Jesus was not a Republican.” Well, you know, buddy, Jesus was not a liberal (or “progressive”) Democrat, either.

The Democrat Party was taken over by the far left a long time ago.

The Democratic Party, especially the far left elements of it, stands for and defends, among other things, abortion on demand and homosexuality, as well as other actions, behaviors, and life style choices that the Bible condemns. Therefore, how anyone can consider himself a Christian and a Democrat (or liberal) is beyond me.

The Bible taught ‘personal charity.’ The Bible does not condone or teach Marxism, socialism, or communism, but many Democrats are fond of permitting the government taking money from working people and “re-distributing” it to others who did not earn it.

The Republican Party is not perfect, but on social issues (such as abortion) and on some fiscal ones, they are usually closer in line to the principles and teachings of the Bible than the Democratic Party will ever be, so I really do not appreciate some pastor lecturing others that “Jesus was not a Republican” because he’s a little concerned that some Christians are “mis-using Christ.”

August 27, 2010 update:

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  1. totally agree… I don’t understand how Presidents like Obama who claim they are a Christian can completely support abortion. You would think his religious convictions would affect his political ones at least a little bit.

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