Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain – on ‘Christian’ TV Shows

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I cringe every time I hear Christian hosts use the name Jesus as though it’s an exclamation, because it sounds dangerously close to taking His name in vain.

“Pastor” Rod Parsley, whose show airs on TBN, is perhaps most guilty of this.

If you’ve read my previous post on Parsley, you know I don’t even think that man is a Christian.

I do try to avoid his show, but every so often, while channel surfing, I pause to watch a moment or two. It’s kind of like the proverbial train wreck you can’t help but stare at as you go by.

About anytime I do watch, even for a moment, Parsley frequently interjects the name of Jesus. That is, Jesus with an exclamation point at the end.

It does not matter if Parsley’s guest is saying something negative or positive, he’ll still toss in a “Jesus!” or two – or ten or twenty. (Maybe he has a religious version of Tourette’s syndrome.)

For example, a typical conversation might go like this on Parsley’s show:

Guest: “So I was on a missionary trip in Zabbadoola to spread the Gospel, and the natives were pagans. They were killing and eating each other for dinner every night.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

Guest: “I did get them to see the evils of eating their fellow humans, so they stopped it.”

Parsley: “Oh my Lord and God! Jesus, Jesus!”

Guest: “About a week later, I noticed that their infants started to decline in number. I couldn’t figure out where the babies were disappearing to, so I asked the village elders. They said they sacrificed their babies to their harvest god at least once a month.”

Parsley: (*shaking head sadly and in disbelief*) “Jesus! Lord Almighty!”

Guest: “I also noticed that their children didn’t have proper shoes to wear and ran around barefoot.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

Guest: “Their water was dirty, and some of them got sick drinking it.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

Guest: “I was able to put a halt to the baby sacrificing, and got American donors back home to ship me some new shoes for the kids.”

Parsley: “Jesus! Praise Him!”

Guest: “I got another Christian ministry to finance a clean water well.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

Guest: “Unfortunately, the Zabbadoolians are illiterate, so I couldn’t give them Bibles to read…”

Parsley: “Jesus! Oh Lord!”

Guest: “I only know their language a little bit, and since they can’t read, I had to mime the Gospel message for them.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

Guest: “They all accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior after awhile.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

Guest: “They became peaceful, loving people.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

Guest: “Then a typhoon struck, killing a third of them, and all their huts were destroyed.”

Parsley: (*shaking head sadly*) “Jesus!”

Guest: “It took a lot of work and time to heal, but their village was rebuilt. Despite their losses, they still love the Lord.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

Guest: “Then the tribe on the island over, who were heathens, came and slaughtered about 99% of them.”

Parsley: “Jesus!”

-You get the idea.

But again, Parsley’s not the only one. I occasionally hear other guests or pastors on TBN who holler “Jesus!” after someone else says something, especially if it’s negative news.

My parents were friends with an agnostic guy for many years who did the same thing. I cringed when this agnostic guy did it, and I don’t hear or see a difference when self professing Christian uses the Lord’s name in this way.

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