TBN Spends Air Time Not on Gospel – But On Themselves

I watched a few moments of TBN’s P.T.L. (“Praise the Lord”) show last night, and the same episode is running as a repeat today.

When I watched the show last night, I only watched bits and pieces of it.

I caught the first five minutes or so of PTL and then turned the channel to the Food network. I then turned my attention to my computer where I did some reading on the internet. (I like to keep the TV on, even if I’m not watching it, to keep me company when I’m on my computer.)

About 30 minutes later, I flipped the TV channel back to “Praise the Lord.” I watched for a few moments, went back to the Food network, and did this channel flipping between the two channels several more times over an hour or two.

Apparently, the entire PTL episode last night was dedicated to celebrating the marriage anniversary of Matthew Crouch and his wife. (Matthew Crouch’s parents own TBN.)

Now look, I wouldn’t object to a 3 to 5 minute long tribute to their marriage anniversary – it is their network, after all – but they must have devoted 80% – 100% (of a two or three hour program) of this episode to this.

Some people (that is, well meaning yet gullible people) mail TBN their income on a regular basis. They do this because they believe that TBN is spreading the Gospel on the air waves.

In other words, this network is supposed to be airing material about Jesus Christ (or closely related material) and is, instead, using their air time to broadcast a television show entirely about themselves and their family’s personal lives. Unbelievable.

I have to wonder if all those poor little old senior ladies on fixed incomes who mail their checks in to TBN with a sincere belief that their money will go to airing the Gospel would be happy that it is instead being spent to dote on some aspect of the Crouch family’s personal life and celebrations? My guess is, probably not.

Update Sept 2, 2010

Amazing. TBN network once again devoted around 35 minutes today to the Crouch family.

One of the sons, Matthew, and his wife once again spent time talking about their marriage anniversary, and they showed several videos of their sons when their sons were babies.

This is the second time in a month they’ve devoted air time to their personal business. Shouldn’t they be using this time to share the Gospel with people?

Feb 23, 2011 update.

To make matters more ironic (or hypocritical?), I was watching a TBN telecast a few nights ago, and Paul Crouch Sr (who owns TBN) and his two adult sons were hosting a show, and Crouch Sr. went on and on about how disgusted he is by other Christian networks who devote airtime to selling vitamins.

(Crouch was probably referring to the “Day Star” network. I used to have access to the Day Star network before I moved, and I remember they frequently showed commercials pitching vitamins and beauty creams.)

Crouch said instead of selling vitamins, these people should be using their broadcast time to share the Gospel.

Well hello, why does Crouch Senior permit his friends and family to spend 30 – 60 minute segments on TBN paying tribute to their personal lives, such as showing video of their marriages and kids? What does that have to do with spreading the Gospel?


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