‘God’s Purpose for Women,’ by Matthew Hagee – Hagee Teaches that Single Unmarried Women Do Not Have a Purpose in Life God has no purpose for singles

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So I’m watching a little of Christian network TBN today, and Matthew Hagee (son of pastor John Hagee of San Antonio, Texas) is giving a sermon about “God’s Purpose for Women.”

The main point of this sermon is that a woman’s purpose is to be a “biblical helper” to her husband.

Hagee introduced this sermon by going on and on about how great and wonderful wives are, and he’s proposing advice and giving tips to married women on how to be better women.

My question to Matthew Hagee: I’m woman in her late 30s, and I have never been married, so what is God’s purpose for me?

Where is your sermon directed towards a woman who has never married? Are you implying God has no purpose for women such as me? No? Then why do pastors such as you fixate on marriage and married women?

Where are your mentions, acknowledgments, or sermons for older, never-married women? (And no, I don’t mean divorced women, I am talking about women who have NEVER BEEN MARRIED AT ALL. Never.)

We’re about fifteen minutes into this sermon so far, and I’ve not heard even one admission to his audience that, “I realize that not every women over the age of 35 listening to this is married or has been married…”

I used to be trusting and optimistic that God would send me a husband, but it has not come to pass, I’m pushing 40, and it looks as though it’s never going to happen. So, Mr. Hagee, am I without purpose?

I really hate these sermons that presume that all women who are tuning in to watch are married.

I find it hurtful, annoying, and infuriating that these sermons don’t take into account and mention that there are women over the age of 35 who have never been married.
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2 thoughts on “‘God’s Purpose for Women,’ by Matthew Hagee – Hagee Teaches that Single Unmarried Women Do Not Have a Purpose in Life God has no purpose for singles”

  1. Iam so sorry . Iam a pastor and the Lord is always on me to make sure i dont leave nobody out. We all have a purpose in this life and after ,you are very important to this world and to Gods kingdom. I just got done preaching about living with a purpose . YOU have a purpose, wright where you are you can shine as a light ,in your job in your family . Every where you go you have a purpose to live as alight to this world. You dont have to be married are have kids to fullfill your purpose , you just have to be willing to allow The Lord to use you , where ever you GO. I ask you to forgive me in the place of eny man that has ever hurt you are offened you. Iam truly sorry, PLEASE forgive use.

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