Beware of TBN’s Valerie Saxion (Parasite Lady)

‘Parasite Lady’ may be preying on Christian TV viewers by Bud Kennedy


On Christian TV, author Valerie Saxion of Keller made her fame selling pills and herbal supplements as “Dr. Val,” the “Parasite Lady.”

But state attorneys are worried that she might be preying on viewers.

Attorney General Greg Abbott’s lawyers are suing Saxion in Tarrant County district court, asking a judge to stop “Dr. Val” from claiming that her supplements are any kind of cure-all or from calling herself a doctor.

According to the lawsuit, state health investigators found that Saxion, author of the 2003 bestseller How to Feel Great All the Time, claimed that her supplements inhibit cancer growth, lower blood pressure and cure insomnia, among a list of more than 40 medical claims that the state describes as unproven.

Saxion calls herself “Dr. Valerie Saxion N.D.” But her “doctorate in naturopathy” is from a notorious, unaccredited distance-learning school in Alabama.

…Her books mix dietary and nutrition advice with large doses of Christian faith. According to her website, her current TV show Alternative Health runs weekdays on several Christian networks, including televangelist Paul Crouch’s Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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