John Hagee Believes in, Teaches Conditional Security (which is a false teaching)

Based on a November 29th, 2011 broadcast of a John Hagee show I watched, I take it that Hagee believes in Conditional Security, though he did not use the term “Conditional Security.”

I do not recall his exact words, but he said something to the effect that “once saved, always saved” is not true.

He quoted a few verses from Galatians and a part of Revelation to “prove” that a Christian can lose his or her salvation, or that a Christian has to continue to be good or to do good works to retain one’s salvation.

He made some remarks about how a Christian cannot expect to live any old way he wants to and expect to be saved.

CS (Conditional Security) is a false teaching, since it is a works-based salvation. Hagee, and those like him, believe that the atoning work and blood of Jesus Christ is not enough for salvation, but that it is up to one’s own effort and goodness to “remain saved.”

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2 thoughts on “John Hagee Believes in, Teaches Conditional Security (which is a false teaching)”

  1. Just because you are saved by faith and not your works does not mean there are no works envolved,just not yours but Gods continuing in your life by your obedience to let Him work His salvation in you.Faith doesn’t preclude works in your salvation,the bible never says that,just not your works.

    1. I don’t think I said otherwise in my post above, but what you are saying is not what Conditional Security teachers advocate.

      They say your very salvation hinges not on what Christ did for you, but the works you do after initially accepting Christ, as well as your continued sin – they teach if you do not stay good, do good, that you will still go to Hell when you die, even if you accepted Jesus as Savior before.

      They teach a works based salvation system, and Hagee subscribes to that.

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