700 Club Show on Valentine’s Day – caters to married people, you’re basically screwed if you’re single

Oh good grief.

I’m over 35 years old, I have never been married, and I may never get married. I always wanted to get married but could never meet the right guy.

I’m watching a Christian show called “700 Club,” and they are putting way, way too much emphasis on how people who are in marriages have better emotional health, and thus, better physical health.

I think the people at “The 700 Club” show are airing this kind of story because it’s Valentine’s Day today.

They did toss out a brief mention that if you are single, you’re not completely out of luck, since you can get love and health benefits from having a pet, and the moldy old chest nut about volunteering at homeless shelters (that is, by helping those less fortunate – no thanks, I’ve always been an introvert – I find being around strangers stressful and mentally exhausting, not uplifting).

I think it’s in poor taste and a little insensitive for a Christian program to spend about 98% of a segment extolling the supposed benefits of marriage when there are single, older never married people such as me watching.

The 700 Club also did a brief segment where they interviewed people who recounted miserable dates they had been on. I can only assume this segment was meant to be humorous (?), but for never-married people who might be getting dates, we don’t need to be reminded how stressful and horrible dating can be.

So I did not find that segment amusing. Only married people find this kind of thing funny because they no longer have to date.

Gee, thanks, 700 Club, for reminding me I am alone, useless, and will die ten years (or there abouts) sooner than most people because I’m single and they’re married. Thanks for the heartwarming Valentine’s Day lift me up.


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