For anyone who is following or visiting this blog….

I hope anyone who visits this blog understands I use it often to vent and not as a general or all purpose blog where I discuss all facets of my life.

I try not to get bitter or stay angry over being single at my age (I’m over 40 and have never married), and I have other interests in life that have nothing to do with the issues of dating and marriage. I do not spend all my time pondering about marriage and singleness.

This is a blog I use to post articles about singleness and marriage, but I also like to post to it if or when I am grumpy about the whole ‘still single at 40’ issue. If you’re trying to base your opinion on me on the content and tone of this blog alone, you’re not going to get the complete picture of who I am. I’m not quite as grumpy in general as I am on the blog.

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