This Person Got Married ?

I sometimes wonder about people I see on TV or in magazines or on the web who are married… yet I’m still not.

I see people who are (to be blunt, sorry) physically unattractive in the extreme, really weird (not in a quirky, lovable way), or who are morbidly obese – and they’re married.

Meanwhile, I’m thin, college educated, intelligent, attractive, and still single.

Not that all these married people I am referring to are catches.

Here are some news stories which touch upon the subject (or are related):

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800-pound Bride Susanne Eman Fitted For Largest Wedding Dress

Why Do Hot Guys Date Ugly Girls?

5 Famous Guys Who Slid Way Down the Food Chain to Cheat

I’m sure the woman in the photo below is a perfectly nice person, and her groom there isn’t my idea of attractive, but it goes to show you even an obese woman can get a husband, while meanwhile, here I am, jogging five days a week to stay in shape (society tells me a man won’t want to look my way twice if I have a weight problem), and I’m still single. I really don’t understand the world.

Wedding Photo
Wedding photo of overweight bride with average weight groom

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