Another Obnoxious ‘ Why You’re Not Married Yet ‘ Article

This is a follow up to the first obnoxious editorial:

(Link): Why You’re Still Not Married by Tracy McMillian

I read both pages (though it’s been a long time since I read part 1), and none of the reasons she cites apply to me. The woman who wrote this, McMillian, admits that she has been divorced three times – she may know something about getting married, but staying married? No, not at all. I think it better never to have married than to have married and divorced.

I think a lot of singles beat themselves up wondering why they could never marry, and that’s a shame, because I think for most of us who wanted marriage but it didn’t happen, that we don’t have any huge flaws or anything inherently wrong with us.

I cannot understand why so many people, Christian and secular (and yes, some Christians are guilty of this sort of thinking), assume that never-married people over 35 have something wrong with them; it’s a terribly offensive, hurtful, and untrue assumption.

There’s also a matter for Christian female singles that Christian females out number Christian males, so there are not enough single men to go around for single women, and that is something that Christian women have no control over.

Sometimes the right person just does not come along, and it’s as simple as that.

Here are excerpts from Why You’re Still Not Married by Tracy McMillian:


  • [The reasons the author gave single women who are not yet married in part 1 include]:
  • 1) You’re a Bitch,
  • 2) You’re Shallow
  • 3) You’re a Slut,
  • 4) You’re a Liar,
  • 5) You’re Selfish, and
  • 6) You’re Not Good Enough
  • 7. You’re a Mess. You overdrink. You overeat. You overspend. You under-earn.
  • 8. You’re Crazy. Crazy is where you LOVE INTENSITY. You want life to bring the exclamation points!!!!!!! Normal people, and relationships? Big, noisy YAWN. You think of yourself more like Angelina Jolie when she was with Billy Bob.
  • 9. You’re a Dude. It’s not that you love the Cardinals, have short hair, or or make more money than most guys. It’s that, when it comes to relationships, you want to hunt them down and kill them. You call guys, you text guys, you ask guys out.
  • 10. You’re Godless. Remember how I said that marriage is a spiritual path? Well, we’re there. The point where I suggest something totally radical and punk-rock as a way of transforming whatever it is you have going on (or don’t have going on) in the area of relationships. And here it is: I want you to get a god.

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