Being Single, by Keri Smith

Being Single, by Keri Smith
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…We’ve all been there, like we’ve all been learner drivers, we have all been single. So when did the “them” and “us” suddenly happen? Yes I put my hand up, I am single. But does something happen? Do you forget you were ever single when you meet someone? Forgive me, it has been awhile.

It’s crazy, I have not been invited to dinner parties because I am single, and it’s not just happened to me, so it has nothing to do with my conversation. Do people think that I or any of my other single friends, are going to not find their conversation interesting, or hold court with all the men there because we are single? Please don’t tell me it is because I would be the odd one out, or the numbers would be odd?

…But my favourite by far, is people telling you why you are still single. I have been told, I am too fussy, I don’t give anyone a chance, you might not fancy them, but you might grow to like them. I don’t talk to anyone, I make every guy my friend, I never meet anyone new people, and loads more besides.

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