“So Good” (or “That’s so good”) phrase over used by preachers

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“Come on now!” phrase over used by TBN personalities

I have tried curbing my TBN-viewing but still wind up watching quite a bit of it. I’ve noticed in the past two or three years that many of the pastors and personalities have this totally annoying habit of saying, “So good” or “That’s so good!” when they are talking to another Christian (usually a preacher), and the guest says something they think is profound.

I’ve seen several different ones do this. I wish they would stop.

So to all the preachers on TBN: STOP SAYING, “SO GOOD, THAT’S SO GOOD!” everytime someone else says something you agree with. Just stop.

There’s some lady named Stephy who has a blog that keeps trends of stupid things in contemporary Christianity called “Stuff Christians Like.” She should really consider adding “That’s so good” to her list.