Send Us Your Money Thon – TBN Praise A Thon

Please do not leave general, generic “I hate TBN” rants in this thread, if you want to leave a comment. This is not the thread for that purpose. This is a thread specifically about their “Praise a Thons” and how boring and annoying they are! (If you are dying to post a “I sure do hate TBN and / or the Prosperity Gospel they are always pushing” rant, then use this thread. Thanks.)
TBN began its tele-thon two days ago. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I think this is the third one they’ve done this year (they normally do only two per year). If this is the third one, I wonder why they’re doing a third?

I have always disliked the TBN tele thons which they call “Praise A Thons,” so I don’t usually watch them.

I’ve watched these TBN “give- us-your- money- thons” only long enough in the past a few times to see they are very boring, they usually have the same con artists doing “plant a seed!” type sermons (and they always include the preacher guy with the horrible blond hair that looks like a bad, cheap wig), other bad preaching, and loud, horrible singing.

One thing that particularly disgusts me about their Praise A Thons is that they air them even on Saturday mornings in place of the kid cartoons, and they also run Praise A Thons on Sunday mornings.

If you are a network that claims to be all down with spreading the Gospel, I would assume you would forgo the begging for money shtick so that little children can see cartoons about Jesus on Saturdays and that house-bound people, including seniors, can watch preachers on Sunday morning, but noooo, they can’t spare Saturday and Sunday mornings and have to run these dull Praise A Thon things on weekends too.

They also began at some point running the Praise A Thon for a second week, which is also annoying. The first week, this money grubbing, boring show is aired 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and then the week after, they tend to run it from about 4 PM to about 7 PM to 9 PM. As if running it 24/7 week one was not enough.

How I wish there was a sound alternative to TBN. Not only do they air too much Prosperity Gospel trash, but these Praise A Thon things are boring, and they do them 2 – 3 times a year.

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