Mark Driscoll and Other Sexist Preachers Would Probably Approve

I have a feeling sexist Seattle pastor and wanna be cool guy Mark Driscoll would give this husband’s actions a stamp of approval. Driscoll, and other complementarian gender guys pretty much believe a woman owes sex to her husband whenever and where ever and how ever he wants it.

They might toss in a few qualifiers like, “such- and- such a sex act should not be done if one partner is really against it,” or something, but from many articles I’ve read about Driscoll, comments he has made in sermons, and interviews with former members of his church, and based on comments I’ve seen about other Christian gender role traditionalists, they do pretty much believe that sex is one-sided: that sex is for a man only; a woman is obligated to give her husband sex whenever and how often he wants it, even if she’s not in the mood, or feeling sick, or is not comfortable with certain sex acts.

Florida man, refused sex, chops off most of girlfriend’s nose

    Novemember 15, 2012, By Charlie Wells / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

    A sexually frustrated Florida man chopped off most of his girlfriend’s nose when she refused to have intercourse with him, cops said.

    Ricardo Salamanca of Plantation, Fla. has been charged with aggravated battery and is currently sitting in jail on a $75,000 bond.

    The twisted nose job took place on the night of Oct. 28, after Salamanca’s girlfriend left him at a local nightclub.

—–(end news story quotes)——

I can just see sex obsessed and sexist pastors such as Driscoll, Ed Young, and others thinking that is a great way of keeping wives in line: threaten to cut their noses off if they refuse sex, or actually cut their noses off if they don’t. I seriously think that some within the traditional gender role camp within conservative Christianity are remarkably and eerily like Muslim Taliban, who shoot girls in the head for attending school and wanting other girls to have educations. Most mainstream conservative Christians are not like that, but some on the fringe are that creepy and sexist.

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