Celebrities who waited until marriage to have sex

I think it’s a sad, sad commentary on American society these days when people who are virgins until they marry, or who remain celibate after a divorce are considered special, unique, or newsworthy. If anything, waiting until marriage, even if you’re a virgin at 30 or 40, because you have not married yet, should be viewed as the norm, not the exception.

However, I think maybe an article like this might encourage some older Christian singles, since goodness knows they aren’t getting encouragement for remaining celibate from the church in America.

I have no plans of copying the entire list, so if you want to see it, you will have to visit their site.

Celebrities Who Abstained: They Waited Or Are Waiting Until Marriage To Give Up Their V-Cards

These stars might be sex symbols, posing in sensual photo shoots, shooting steamy scenes and writing lyrics that could sing the pants off anyone, but don’t be mistaken: these celebs are pretty conservative when it comes to what happens between the sheets. Here are 19 celebrities who waited til marriage or are waiting until marriage to give up his or her v-cards.

Lolo Jones

The American Hurdler that fell short of medals at the 2012 Olympics is still holding on tight to her V-Card. “It’s just something, a gift I want to give my husband” says 30-year old Jones, saying that abstaining from sex has been “Harder than training for the Olympics.” The American Hurdler that fell short of medals at the 2012 Olympics is still holding on tight to her V-Card. “It’s just something, a gift I want to give my husband” says 30-year old Jones, saying that abstaining from sex has been “Harder than training for the Olympics.”

Kathie Lee Gifford

The Today show host kept her sacred treasure all to herself until she was 22, when she gave it up to her first husband Paul Johnson, something she reveals in her autobiography. “My lifelong self-consciousness about my body seemed, miraculously, to fade away…” Gifford says of the experience.

Lisa Kudrow

The Friends star is nothing like the free-loving hippie she played on the show. Lisa remained a virgin until she was 31, a decision she explained while promoting her 1999 film The Opposite of Sex. “My virginity was something I’d decided was very precious…an honor I was bestowing on a young man.” That young man turned out to be her husband, Michael Stern.

Kevin Jonas

At the age of 22, the oldest Jonas Brother wore a “purity ring” until 2007, when he married Danielle Deleasa (the co-star on the new reality show Married to Jonas.)

Celine Dion

Celine didn’t quite wait until marriage, but she waited until she met the man she knew she’d marry. Celine recounts her adorable story of “the first time” in her book “My Story, My Dream.” At age 20, the singing sensation first seduced her now-husband Rene Angelil, 26 years her senior. Rene at first ran out of the room but then he called Celine to say, “If you really want to, I’ll be the first,” to which Celine responded, “You’ll be the first. And the only.”

Tim Tebow

The New York Jets quarterback has turned his virginity into a business. After he announced that he was still a V-card holder in 2009, the dating site AshleyMadison.com offered $1 million to any lady who could prove she’d been in Tim’s bed, and VA Airways offered the football star free flights so long as he still had that V-card. To this day, Tim says he has stayed firm by his decision to wait.

Rebecca St. James

Rebecca made a career for herself off of waiting. She’s been writing books and hit songs inspiring Christians to wait until after marriage since she was 13.

Adriana Lima

The term “Angel” applies to this Victoria’s Secret Model in more ways than one. She announced in 2006 that she’d be holding onto her V-card until marriage. At the age of 29, this devout catholic married Serbian basketball player Marko Jarvic. Lucky guy.

Philip Rivers

The NFL star has the strength to pull of a lot of stunts in the bedroom, but his fiancé had to wait until they married.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica was very open about her decision to wait until marriage and all imaginations ran wild when she finally married Nick Lachey at the age of 22.

A C Green

The NBA star that played more consecutive games than any player in sports history was out of the game in one way: he practiced abstinence until the age of 38 when he finally married. He revealed his more conservative colors when he once said to a doubter, “I know who I am and what I am, and that is a v*rgin. And with all the risks associated with s*x, I’m surprised you’re not.”

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks is another young musician who sports a purity ring. Jordin says, “My parents gave me a purity ring and talked to me about waiting until marriage. It wasn’t forced; it just made perfect sense.” Jordin is presumably still holding her V-card.

Gary Coleman

Gary waited until marriage, and then some! The child star admitted in 2008 that physical intimacy was not a part of his marriage and that it would happen when it was time. When the star passed away in 2010, sources could not confirm if his V-card status had changed.

Venus and Serena Williams

These tennis pro sisters do not believe in physical intimacy before marriage. They won’t struggle to keep guys off: anyone who messes with them could lose a limb!

Carrie Underwood

The American Idol winner announced in a 2007 interview that she’d be keeping her V-card until marriage. In 2010, Mike Fisher became a very lucky man when he wed the then 27-year old.
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