Scandals Galore at TBN – financial, sexual

A lot of new scandals broke out among TBN staff, including allegations of rape cover ups, extra marital affairs, financial abuse, etc

Family Battle Offers Look Inside Lavish TV Ministry

The Trouble with TBN, from Christianity Today

TBN’s Promise: Send Money and See Riches – Los Angeles Times, 2004

TBN extravagance? Read internal memos for yourself

Deathbed Struggle at TBN

Suit alleges TBN covered up rape of 13-year-old

A granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network founders Jan and Paul Crouch filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that she was plied with alcohol and raped by a TBN employee when she was just 13 — and that her family covered up the incident, rather than report it to authorities, to protect TBN’s reputation.

Carra Crouch, now 19, was distraught after the 2006 assault by a 30-year-old man, and told her grandmother what had happened. “Jan (Crouch) became furious and began screaming at Ms. Crouch, a thirteen year old girl, and began telling her ‘it is your fault,’” according to the suit.

Relatives threatened to ‘destroy’ Crouch granddaughter

Age discrimination by TBN owners, staff:

TBN suit: Senior workers ‘too old, too sick, and too lazy’


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3 thoughts on “Scandals Galore at TBN – financial, sexual”

  1. This is a typical practice within Churches. Usually it is seen by Police and Social Workers and because it involves children it is not publicized – (the secular world thinks that protects children)
    The system actually protects the perpetrator’s.
    The Pedophile in the church more often than not is exposed by allegations of incest or pedophilia in general. The number of victims is what makes of breaks the effective exposure of the perpetrator.
    The church or religious organization/business is usually “quick to attack the victim” usually in the belief that exposure could “Throw the Church into disrepute” therefore “this can not have happened” becomes the politically correct posture to be taken. In this way many victims are driven to “Christian suicide” as they are ostracized and even forced to blame themselves for their victimization. Cara Crouch’s grandmother is a typical case in point.
    A Canadian Psychologist and Suicideologist discovered a relationship between childhood sexual abuse and suicides amongst Mennonite youth. The closed Mennonite community has been conditioned over the centuries to blame the victim. To actually deal with the perpetrator would eliminate the bread winner from families. (In the end it is all about the money). The multi – generational “conditioning has even lead to a “Do unto others as they would do unto you” justification regarding pedophilia. Those who are not driven to suicide adopt the same view as recently disclosed by Richard Dawkins; where in his own victimization where he could not stop it he grew to like the attentions of the pedophile.
    The curious behavior in Mennonite society tends to mirror the Shaman dominance of males in Aboriginal society. Where both young and females are dominated sexually by adults as a form of control mechanism. No less a form of control over children and grand children in Mennonite society.
    Currently we are seeing in Manitoba, Canada a pedophile Criminal investigation into a very large number of Mennonite families. This police investigation is taking place amidst pressure from Mennonites upon the Manitoba Government to not publish, or even speak of the investigations. Manitoba also has the distinction of having the largest number of Mennonite suicides in Canada. Add to that that as a group more diagnosed Bi-Polar behaviors(usually a consequence of unresolved childhood sexual abuse) are found amongst Mennonites more than in any other population group.
    Many Psychologists in Canada readily admit that if it were not for Mennonites or people of Mennonite background they would not have enough clients to maintain a practice.

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