TBN Scandals – The Koper Lawsuit, updates & more links

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(Link): Scandals Galore at TBN

After having read through and listened to more interviews about 2012 TBN scandals, I’m even more sure than I was before that a lot of dirt bags work at or for TBN (not all, of course; some of the employees at TBN are victims of the people who own the network, and those owner’s immediate family members or friends – they are harassed or treated poorly. I believe Jan and Paul Crouch and their son Matt are dirt bags, based on this information and the info in my last post.)

Here are additional links about the recent scandals – one is a link to an audio file, where you can listen to a woman interview the grand daughter, Brittany Koper, of the Crouches (owners of TBN), and there are links to transcripts of this interview. I left a comment on one of the pages with the transcripts):


AUDIO: Brittany Koper interview on blog radio

Brittany Koper Interview, Part 1 (June 2012, Transcript – Koper = Granddaughter of TBN owners Jan and Paul Crouch)

Brittany Koper Interview – Part 2 (Transcript)

TBN Embroiled in ‘Sordid’ Family Lawsuit (Feb 2012), Christianity Today

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