Ask Amy Advice Column – on using the word “Family”

When secular sources get it wrong – Ask Amy advice column

In a response to a woman who is planning on getting married, advice columnist Ask Amy replies in part:

If you are brave enough to leap into your future by getting married and forming a new family, then you and your fiance should be brave enough to assert yourselves now.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but I get tired of seeing the word “family” defined as only “married couple” or “married couple with children, or married couple who we will all assume will have children some day.”

Ask Amy is apparently falling into this habit – referring to this bride-to-be and her husband as “forming a new family.” Maybe there’s a case to be made that unmarried people are a “family of one.”

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  1. A family/child worship society only acknowledges “your future by getting married.” While bowing down to golden calves of sex and children, it is not possible for them to think of anything else.

    1. Funny you should say that – just a little while after making this post, I was watching the Christian show “700 Club” whose main host, Robertson, interviewed a guy who wrote a book about the declining population in the U.S.A.

      Pat Robertson’s comment to his TV audience after he interviewed that author: that they (evangelical Christians / Christians) ‘should out-breed their opponents,’ because ‘Muslims are doing it’ and ‘look how great it’s worked out for the Muslims.’ My jaw hit the floor at that.

      It’s amazing that someone who claims to be so pro-marriage / pro-family as Pat Robertson and his co-horts at The 700 Club, would have these totally inappropriate, perverted, unbiblical notions as to why people should have children or get married.

      Perhaps sadder still is I was in the middle of composing a new, separate blog post about how aged 35+ singles are trashed in general, but also by Christians, on another front, and that segment came on television.

      There are so many rude, idiotic, unbiblical views on marriage, children, and singlehood going on in Christianity these days, that I can’t hardly keep up. I go through times when there’s not much to write about on this blog, but other times, like today, it’s like a deluge of material. I made a separate post about Robertson’s nutty “out breed your opponents” comment, so I won’t beat that dead horse here.

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