I see you’ve never heard of Mark Driscoll

I see you’ve never heard of Mark Driscoll

On the Christianity Today page

(Link): When Our Sexual Stories Go Off the Christian Map

We read this comment by one of the site’s visitors, below the article:

    k tra May 18, 2012
    The problem is hardly no talk of sex or sexuality at all in the church. Like the old joke, get bj while you can cause when you get married you never get it. It’s true and it should be the other way around. Everything goes before you get married , but then after that it’s all super clean and missionary. Where’s the “your body no longer belongs to just you” teaching?
    We should be totally free to do EVERYTHING in our marriage bed, but the church is too scared to ever talk about sex, sex toys, bj, anal , spanking, try mentioning any of this in curch, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!!!

What rock have you been living under, k tra? Pastors are talking about sex all the time from the pulpit these days. It’s possible this “k tra” person is a troll, but other than that, k tra, I take it you’ve never heard of preacher Mark Driscoll who not only wrote a book about marriage advice for Christians on the supposed joys of anal sex, but who also told his female listeners at his church that they should perform oral sex (“BJs”) on their spouses.

Driscoll has also spoken in vulgar, very blunt terms about sexual acts in lectures he’s given overseas, and he periodically writes sexually explicit material on his blog.

Then you have guys, like this married pastor, Schaap, who carried on an affair with a 16 year old church member, and who simulated sex acts from the pulpit, in front of teen-agers in the church and during a church service (quotes from FBC Jax Watchdogs blog,

    Jack Schaap Blames Decreased Giving at Church for His Molestation of 16-Year Old Church Member
    Schaap was and is a sick man who as time went on began preaching graphic, sexual sermons at FBC Hammond. Only a man who has a twisted mind, and who answers to no authority, would be able to deliver the sermon Schaap did in 2010 that best demonstrates his sickness.
    At a youth conference, in the middle of his sermon he simulated masturbation for over a minute with a long stick held close to his crotch while he stroked the stick and made painful, orgasmic sounds as he talked to God. Watch it [Link to video]: here, and you’ll see what I mean.
    It is simply unbelievable that a man could behave this way – in front of a audience of teenagers especially – and not be escorted off the property or arrested for his X-rated performance.

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