The Sexualization of God and Jesus

The Sexualization of God and Jesus

As I discussed in a previous post, (Link): “Topics: Friendship is Possible / Sexualization By Culture Of All Relationships” secular culture and Christian culture both have a habit of sexualizing everything and everyone.

I just came across a blog page that says some Catholics(?) have done the same thing with God the Father and Jesus:

(Link):Kissing God & Emulating Saints: How Catholicism and The Bridal Paradigm are leaking into the body of Messiah

I hope the author of the page is not pushing for a so-called “masculine” God or Christianity, a la John Piper. The Bible teaches that God the Father is a spirit being, so he does not have a gender per se, though he does have qualities we would associate with both human males and females, from anger to gentleness.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt or two from the page:

One of the major cracks in IHOP’s faulty foundation is their return in many ways to the New Age roots of Catholicism…..

The book of Song of Solomon is held above the rest of scripture as the primary way G-d relates to His people.

This makes G-d out to be a sexual, lovesick, love-struck, hormone-driven teenager who is so “captivated” and “awestruck” that He longs after humanity and is running around Heaven going crazy without her.

The relationship G-d has to Israel is likened to that of a marriage in a few places in scripture…but it’s with the nation of Israel as a whole…it’s not an individual romance between God and a person.

The book of Song of Solomon is written about the natural marriage relationship between husband and wife as written by Solomon about his own marriage.

It is not the blueprint of Christianity or the primary starry-eyed, lustful way that IHOP paints G-d’s view of His people.

On 9/24/07, an ex-ihoper shares on a blog forum that as part of the required reading curriculum at IHOP’s Forerunner School of Ministry, students have to read a book called “The The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus” written by a Franciscan Priest named Brennan Manning. Chapter six expounds on the belief of the author that “God is sexually aroused by His people.”

This led students to confessing that reading this book caused them to have sexual thoughts…which they forced themselves to excuse away by telling themselves “well, God feels this way so it’s ok”.
— end excerpts —

And there you have it, the continued warped, odd obsession some people have with sexualizing persons, relationships, ideas, or things that have nothing to do with sex. It really is a pervasive disease in our culture.

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