TBN, Kirk Cameron, and Misplaced Over- Concern On Marriage – What About the Unmarried?

TBN, Kirk Cameron, and Misplaced Over- Concern On Marriage – What About the Unmarried?

I am watching TBN’s “Praise the Lord” right now. It’s hosted by Kirk Cameron.

Cameron is interviewing a young lady about the topic of marriage.

They are discussing how American society should define marriage.

In so doing, the lady guest (whose name I don’t know – the male guest sitting next to her has the last name “Stanley”), has made several observations I find dubious.

She comments that marriage is the building block of culture, and no other relationship binds a man and woman together like marriage can.

Putting that aside for the moment, why do these Christian talking heads not recognize the huge problem of protracted, unwanted singleness among Christian women? (See this link for more.)

When is Kirk Cameron going to do a show discussing the huge number of conservative Christian women who desire marriage but who are remaining single past their 30s and 40s?

Why is all the focus and alarm by Christians on so-called attacks on marriage by homosexual activists and liberals? Why are they not as concerned that Christian women who want marriage (and some want children) are more and more often arriving in their 40s husband-less and childless?

Getting back to the woman’s comments:

I’m not sure how Biblical it is to insist that ‘no other relationship can define a man and woman quite like marriage can’- this seems, on some level, to go against the teachings of Christ that one’s spiritual family (ie, other Christians) are to take precedence over spouse, children, or blood ties.

This sort of thinking, that somehow marriage is a more unique, worthy, or special institution than singlehood, or other types of relationships, also denigrates singlehood.

To continually hold marriage up as somehow more godly than other forms of relationships, or as the ultimate expression of male-female relations, or as the ultimate expression of God- and- believers, by default makes those who are unmarried, or who relate to others in non-marital relations, into a lower caste who don’t quite measure up.

Marriage does not happen for all Christians in our culture. It is therefore, other than being unbiblical, also rather cruel to keep holding marriage out as the only acceptable, or lofty, life situation one can accomplish.

The male guest just said that God created the institution of marriage. You know what, buddy? God also created the “institution of singlehood”. Adam was an unmarried, lone male before God created Eve and brought her to Adam.

Kirk Cameron often strikes me as being a sincere guy who means well, but I’m afraid his naive conservative Christian bent (obsessing over marriage, homosexual militancy in culture, smut in entertainment, etc, and all the other issues conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists fret over), leaves him blinded to other plights among Christians and our society.

Will Cameron ever devote an entire TBN “Praise the Lord” episode to addressing struggles never married Christians over the age of 30 face, and how there are many Christian women who desire marriage but yet who remain single?

What of other disenfranchised and under-represented Christian demographics by churches and Christian shows, such as domestic abuse targets, the physically handicappted Christians, or Christians who suffer from psychological health issues?

Until and unless Cameron and the rest of Christianity begins giving equal time and showing equal concern to these other groups, their appeals to halt the decay of American morality and expression of horror over the acceptance of homosexuality and the like ring hollow to me. I used to be a staunch social conservative myself, but no more.