(Hetero-) Sex outside Marriage debate – Radio Debate from 2010

(Hetero-) Sex outside Marriage debate – Radio Debate from 2010
Here is an online audio debate between a Christian and a self-described atheist feminist, who debate about fornication (sex outside of marriage); hosted on the British Christian show “Unbelievable”:

(Link): (Hetero-) Sex outside Marriage debate – Radio Debate from 2010

I am in the midst of the show myself and have no thoughts about it at this time. If I have anything to say about it, I shall edit this post to add my comments below this paragraph and above the radio show description.

For now, the only comment I have to make is that I am not comfortable with Christians who stress that sex is for pro-creation, as the one lady did on this radio show. There are Christian married couples who have health problems and are incapable of getting pregnant, would you then claim they should refrain from sex altogether?

I don’t think sex is only about baby-making.

Update: After having listened to the entire program, I don’t have much to say about it. The only thing that stood out to me was when the atheist freethinker lady scoffed at the idea of “celibates” (her word) giving anyone advice about sex, and was tying this into context about religious leaders. (She seemed specifically to be calling out the Pope and Roman Catholic priests.)

As I have noted before in other posts, celibacy is not only a “Roman Catholic” thing. I was brought up a Baptist, am over age 40, and am a celibate. Let me repeat that: I am celibate but am not a Roman Catholic.

It’s hypocritical that someone who fancies herself a champion of “free thinking” and standing up for the oppressed, as she does, so easily and condescendingly dismisses celibates, and basically says we celibates are not entitled to give any one opinions about matters pertaining to sex.

My message to the Atheist lady on the radio show:
Atheist lady, I don’t have to have sexual intercourse myself to be able to discuss the topic or hold a view on it – and, by the way, I am still a sexual being. Most celibates are not devoid of sexual impulse, nor are we asexual. It’s incorrect, condescending, and rude to feel that celibates have no place at the table in discussing sexual mores and topics. (And like it or not, this celibate does indeed have opinions on these issues.)

Radio Show Description of the Debate’s contents (from their web page):

    Evangelical Christians hold that sexual relations outside of marriage are against Biblical mandate and have negative moral and social consequences.

    In modern society, as marriage becomes less common and most people are sexually active from their teens, is this belief outmoded and irrelevant?

    Sue Meyer describes herself as an “Atheist freethinking feminist”. She claims that Christian marriage has historically been used as a way of subjugating women. She says that the modern climate where people are at liberty to have sex with who they want, when they want is a welcome change.

    Faith Forster is one of the founders of the Ichthus Christian Fellowship network of churches in the UK. She says that the Biblical principle of keeping sex within the marriage bond is given for the good of both individuals and society.