Online Interview – Re Impact of Americans delaying marriage

Online Interview – Re Impact of Americans delaying marriage

(Link) Hour 3- Kay Hymowitz from the Manhattan Institute talks about the impact of Americans delaying marriage.)

(Link): “Knot Yet” – PDF – delayed marriage study

The main concern in the interview has to deal with children being born out of wedlock – which I don’t give a crap about. (I used to care about stuff like this, but not anymore.)

There’s also concern expressed about women not breeding enough (ie, population decline), another thing I don’t care about.

The lady in the interview also seems to be maintaining the old stereotype that ladies who don’t marry are passing up men for career, they are too “career focused” in their 20s – NOT TRUE. This myth needs to die. One of the biggest problems is that there is a MAN SHORTAGE. There are not as many Christian males for Christian females. Nobody ever mentions this.

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