Part 2 – Following the Usual Advice Won’t Get You Dates or Married – Even CHRISTIAN Celebrities Have A Hard Time

Part 2 – Following the Usual Advice Won’t Get You Dates or Married – Even CHRISTIAN Celebrities Have A Hard Time (Read part 1)

I explained in an earlier post (Part 1) that contrary to much advice one hears from Christians and Non-Christians, that being sexy, skinny, wealthy, having a great sense of humor, being mentally stable, and being extroverted, or having long, sexy hair, are not guarantees of getting a spouse, or even getting dates.

A Christian vistior to the blog left a comment under my first post pointing out that entertainers do not adhere to Christian values, or do not claim to.

I’m not sure that was entirely relevant to my premise that the standard dating and marriage advice one gets from Christians and Non Christians doesn’t always work.

My main point with this post is that even self-professing Christian celebrities – who often have great looks, flashy careers, mansions, and yachts – also fail at love.

I don’t have the time or patience to reel off a list of Christian famous personalities who can’t get dates or who have been divorced, but I have seen them interviewed on Christian television.

The only one who readily comes to mind is Christian pop singer Amy Grant.

Grant is a pretty lady who had some big hit songs among Christians and secular radio in the late 1980s. It did not stop her from getting a divorce, and then later, getting married to singer Vince Gill (who was not her first husband). Read more: Vince Gill, Amy Grant Talk Love, Divorce & Parenthood

Bible prophecy host and author and Christian Hal Lindsey has been divorced three or four times.

I have no idea why the Bible contains the “be equally yoked” passage, or what it even means any more, in light of the fact that non-famous, run- of- the- mill Christian men don’t always make good spouses:
read this for examples and read this for examples.

I’ve seen famous Christians who have the ingredients we are told by romance and relationship gurus that are needed to get dates and marriage – sparkling personalities, lots of money, clean lifestyles, gym-toned bodies – who either can’t get dates, get married, or who can’t stay married.

If being Christian, Jesus- loving, Bible- loving, skinny, having long hair, being wealthy, and being mentally healthy with a sunny, extroverted personality, is not a guarantee for Amy Grant and other Christian celebrities in romantic love, why do so many Christians keep listing these as qualities singles need to possess before they can get dates or marriage?

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