Are Most Churches Too Judgemental About Sexual Sin? (of the hetero variety)

Are Most Churches Too Judgemental About Sexual Sin? (of the hetero variety)

Are Most Churches Too Judgemental About Sexual Sin (of the hetero variety)? My quick answer: NO. Are you joking?

I saw a guest on TBN’s “PTL” show this evening who said that most churches tend to judge and condemn sinners who are seeking redemption or who have repented of their sin, like the guy who steps forward and admits to his Bible study group or pastor he has a porn addiction.

This guest said the opposite is also true, that hypocrites, the guys who are already in leadership positions who are steeped in personal sin, are often promoted or defended in most churches.

And that was about all I heard of this program. I sort of ignored the rest of the show to check and read my e-mail.

I do not dispute that some Christians and some branches of Christianity are hyper judgmental against sin, especially sexual sin.

I don’t deny that. I’ve seen such attitudes online by Christian pastors, on some of their blogs or church sites, so that kind of thinking is in fact out there.

I’ve also seen some of them (preachers) writing “touchy feely” editorials admonishing the public to lay off judgment of preachers caught in scandal, like preachers who have admitted publicly to hiring prostitutes or whatever.

But. However. The overall tendency I see in most Christianity today and from most pastors and their blogs, is one of extreme leniency and forgiveness in regards to sexual sin.

My impression is that most Christians today have come to view extra-marital sex as THE NORM. If you, a Christian, fall off the chastity horse and screw around, the pastors will sympathetically pat you and say “there, there, worry not, the Lord will forgive. This is a sin everyone falls into. Do not be ashamed.”

Then we get all these Christians coming up with terms such as “Born Again Virgin” or “Secondary Virgin” to downplay sexual sin, to soothe the guilty consciences of those who have engaged in sexual sin.

There are also many Christian feminists who write blog pages opining against the value of modesty and virginity in Christian culture.

I think such feminist writers throw the baby out with the bathwater. I am not in complete agreement with purity teachings, or the weight placed upon them, I should say, and I do believe some Christians are sexist pigs with double standards in how they treat men and women and sexual mores, but, at the same time, I don’t believe this is reason to toss out all sexual standards, purity teachings, etc.

Some Christians might be very condemning of those who fall into sexual sin, true, but my observation has been that most are the complete opposite, which is just as bad.

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