Christians and Non Christians Attacking Rick Warren in His Time of Grief

Christians and Non Christians Attacking Rick Warren in His Time of Grief – along with militant Non-Christian, homosexual lunatics. (This is my second attempt at posting this. WordPress would not publish it yesterday)

(This post may contain strong language, so if you’re one of those delicate little flower Christians who doesn’t care for cuss words or crude terms, please click away now. If not, read ahead at your own risk, don’t complain to me about the language. Thanks.)

I’ve (Link): written before about Christians who vilify and attack people, including Rick Warren.

I’ve read Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” book and didn’t see anything objectionable in it, nothing unbiblical. He essentially spends the book telling people their meaning is to be found in Christ alone, not in money, career, marriage, or fame.

I have read that some Christians have been hurt by Warren’s “church driven” strategy, which is, if I understand it properly, to make drastic changes to a church and unceremoniously kick out any members, even “long timers,” who disagree with the new approach. If this is true, I’m sure this approach has created hurt Christians, and I’m sorry for that.

However, as this reporter discusses in the page I’ve linked to, after the suicide of Rick Warren’s 20-something son this past week, Warren has been getting harassed over it and receiving hateful comments on the internet not only from Non-Christians, but also from professing Christians.

Link: Christian Leaders Appalled at Hurtful Responses to Rick Warren’s Family Tragedy

Before I discuss the hate mail he’s been getting from Christians: according to a different news source I saw yesterday, most of the Non-Christians sending Warren hate mail in the aftermath of his son’s passing are perturbed because Warren does not support homosexual marriage (I think Warren supported Prop 8 in California, and that is their grudge against the man?).

I don’t hate homosexuals in and of themselves, but I do loathe the behavior and attitudes of militant homosexuals and their equally militant hetero supporters who live, eat, and breathe so-called “homosexual rights,” because they harass and spew hatred at anyone who does not support homosexuality and/or the legalization of homosexual marriage.

(I want to reiterate that I do not hate homosexuals for their homosexuality; I do not hate garden variety homosexuals – the ones who treat other people with respect and kindness. I am specifically addressing in this post the militant variety who have made it an all- encompassing life passion to steam roll over, hate, or harass anyone who is not totally on board with homosexuality or the legalization of homosexual marriage.)

The homosexual militants and their militant hetero supporters are the homosexual equivalents of Fred Phelps and Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church.

The homo-militants don’t want to have civilized exchanges of ideas with people who disagree with them, or live and let live; they want to bully and harass dissenters into embracing and celebrating – not merely “tolerating” – homosexuality and/or the legalization of homosexual marriage.

All of which is the height of hypocrisy, since the homo-militants and their allies allege that cultural pressures and intolerance lead homosexual youths to commit suicide (no, it actually does not; see: The Gay Youth Suicide Myth).

The homosexual militants are absolute bigots, but hypocritically run around accusing other people of being bigots, and they do things like sue people, or try to get them fired from their jobs (or try to get them fired), if they don’t agree with homosexual marriage, or if they speak out in disagreement with homosexual marriage on their own time (it’s happened before).

Many of these annoying homo-militant and militant-hetero-homo-supporters, like their equally annoying militant-New-Atheist twit compatriots, routinely infest comment sections on blogs (even insipid entertainment blogs), and will interject inflammatory comments about homosexuality, even under content that has nothing to do with homosexuality (or nothing to do with theism or religion, in the case of the militant atheists). These are not trolls going for a giggle, but honest- to- God activists consumed with all things homosexuality or with homosexual marriage.

In addition to being bigots, the militant homosexuals and their hetero supporters are complete, rude assholes.

I don’t like assholes, and I don’t care what your sexual orientation is, your political party, the color of your skin, if you’re religious or not – an asshole is an asshole.

To put this another way, my dislike of and disgust with hate-filled, homosexual-hating, and America-hating Fred Phelps is on the same level as my dislike for Christian- and- conservative- hating homosexual militant spokesperson Dan Savage. Phelps and Savage are the same. They deserve one another.

Even though I am tired, so tired, of many conservative Christians obsessing over issues such as homosexuality or the legalization of homosexual marriage and discussing them constantly from the pulpit, I am equally tired of the militant homosexual bullies (such as Dan Savage) who do the same thing in the media, on blogs, and radio shows.

Only complete assholes with an irrational, one-agenda-obsession, such as militant homosexuals and their buddies, sends hate mail to a guy (i.e. pastor Rick Warren) right after he lost his son.

Who in their right mind thinks that in mere days after the death of a man’s son is the right time to take up disagreements with him? Not only are the militant homosexuals complete assholes about this, but so too are some “Christians.”

I would, to a point, expect some of the left wing, or militant homosexuals, to spaz out and show no compassion or decorum towards Warren, but people who identify as Christian should know better – and they do not.

Here’s an excerpt from the page “Christian Leaders Appalled at Hurtful Responses to Rick Warren’s Family Tragedy”-

Christian author Frank Viola posted several of the hateful comments from “Christian news websites” on his blog post, “Rick Warren’s Horrific Tragedy – The Sickening Response of Some ‘Christians’.” (

“If you are a Christian and you’re heart doesn’t go out to this brother and his family, something is wrong with you spiritually,” wrote Viola. “I don’t care what you think about Warren’s theology, his books, or how he combs his hair. The fact is, he lost a child. Few things can be more painful and nightmarish in this life.”

I am barely holding on to the Christian faith. Seeing garbage like this is one of the several reasons I’ve been struggling to hold on and have considered leaving.

Christians are told in the New Testament to show compassion to other believers who are going through a tough time, but instead, they heap judgment, ridicule, condemnation, or unsolicited advice on the wounded. It’s no wonder I find myself on the edge of walking away from the faith.

Nobody likes an asshole. It doesn’t matter if you’re a homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, Christian, atheist, agnostic, Hindu, pagan, Wiccan, Muslim, heterosexual, Republican, Democrat, capitalist, socialist, or whatever you may be.
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Nothing brings out people wanting to leave hate-filled rants more than posts about these topics I’ve written about here, but I am so disgusted that anyone would attack a man and his family right after they lost a son. That is deplorable behavior, and I don’t care who you are or what you believe.