Preachers With a Conflicting View on Church Attendance

Preachers With a Conflicting View on Church Attendance

The BTK serial killer used to attend church every week, the same church for ten or more years, I believe – it’s how the police caught him. So you know what that tells me? You cannot judge if a man is good or not based on how often he attends church.

Christians often contradict themselves on some topics, church attendance being one of them.

David Jeremiah was giving a sermon tonight on TV where he was saying you shouldn’t measure how “Christian” you are by whether you attend church weekly or not. And I agree with that.

I’ve heard other tele evangelists say that same thing. But often, the same preacher, or one a day later, will shame and chastise Christians for not attending church.

Some preachers will pretty much set up weekly church attendance as a barometer of one’s spiritual maturity.

I’ve heard preachers tell any single women watching, “If a man you’re interested in is not going to church every week, dump him.”

So, on the one hand, these preachers will tell you that you should not be legalistic, you should not count church attendance as a gold star for a chart of good deeds, or you should not think that it makes you better than others ….but then… they will turn around later in another sermon and guilt you or judge you for not regularly attending, and I’ve heard some of them hint that you’re not a serious Christian because you don’t go weekly.

They really want to have their cake and eat it too.

You preachers need to make up your mind on this: either you think you should be able to use church attendance to judge and condemn someone’s walk with God, or not.

As a Christian who is barely holding on to the faith lately (I’m becoming agnostic), who is wary about being around Christians again, let alone going back to church, one sure way to keep me away from church is to do these sermons where you guilt or shame people who don’t attend regularly or at all. You don’t have a winning strategy there.

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