Article: Scientists: Why penis size does matter [to women]

Scientists: Why penis size does matter

Was it really necessary for whomever put that page together, “Why penis size does matter,” to introduce it with a huge photo of actor Jon Hamm at the top?

Anyway. Males, and yes, this would include Christian ones, put way too much emphasis upon female appearance.

As I’ve discussed before and will no doubt mention again, even Christian material on dating and how to get married aimed at females pushes the appearance thing to ladies to such a degree that it’s quite sexist.

Frequently, singe Christian ladies – and single Non-Christian ladies – are told in dating and marriage advice literature that if they want a boyfriend or husband, they will need to become stick thin, grow their hair out, wear fetching attire and make-up, because men, we ladies are forever told, are “visually wired” and apparently care more about looks than anything else in a woman.

The fact of the matter is a lot of women, both Christian and Non, judge men based on their appearance. Women prefer to date and marry hot, sexy men who have nice physiques. This is news that I think makes a lot of men uncomfortable. Many men don’t want to be held to the same standards of appearance, which tend to be very unrealistic and stringent, as they subject women to.

I am still intending on doing a post about all that in the future.

I came across this today, and I’m sure this is another factor most men would like to ignore or wish away:

Scientists: Why penis size does matter – Bigger is better, at least according to new research

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  1. If you are to believe the media trends, women also prefer faggish men who shave their chests.

    1. Some women just might. I see very hairy men at Wal Mart on occasion when I’m there looking to buy toothpaste or whatever, and I see them walking around with hair on their backs and all over their arms, sticking out from their tank tops. They could definitely use a shave or some “Nair.” Hair on the chest (of men) doesn’t bother me, but when it’s sticking out of the back of your shirt, that is gross.

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