Glad I Was Never Married – The Heartless Wife Vs. Selfish Husband

Glad I Was Never Married – The Heartless Wife Vs. Selfish Husband

This is one of those occasions I’m glad I never married. This letter:

Ask Dr. Sherry: ‘Is It Wrong to Divorce My Dying Husband?’

Just glancing at the headline, I thought the woman sounded like a bitch. But when you read her detailed letter to Dr. Sherry the therapist lady, you see that the husband is no prize either.

The wife put her husband’s needs before her own for two decades. When she began going after what she wanted in life – dropped 70 pounds, went back to school, etc., he began getting upset.

Now he’s got major health problems and the wife doesn’t want to stay with him.

Neither the husband or wife sound like great people.

Oh yeah, this is also another example that married people are not perfect. They too are selfish, not just single people.

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