Older Single Males are Pedophiles says Ask Amy

Older Single Males are Pedophiles says Ask Amy

Well, well, well. At least Amy of the “Ask Amy” column is consistent across the genders when it comes to insult.

Previously, she’s suggested that women over 40 lack sex appeal (read this), and now, she’s agreeing with a mom of two college aged sons that older, single men are perverts who want to fondle and diddle children.

The letter:

    DEAR AMY: Our single, older, male next-door neighbor has become very chummy with our 19- and 20-year-old boys, who are in college and living less than one hour away. He often invites them to join him for dinner, movies and bowling.

    We used to socialize with him occasionally but don’t anymore.

    Our sons think he’s a great and generous guy. We see someone who makes a lot of effort to see our sons often, and we are uncomfortable with it. He’s been fairly close to our family but as he’s been way too generous (at times) with gifts in the past, I’ve asked that we stop exchanging gifts. All the same he sneaks gifts to our sons and tells them not to tell us.

    I’ve mentioned boundaries, but it seems to make no difference to him what we think. We don’t want our sons to see us as being negative. They see no boundary issues concerning him. This feels just a bit creepy to us, and he’s not taking our cues at all. Help!
    – Parents in a Quandary!

    DEAR PARENTS: If you are creeped out and trying to protect your sons from inappropriate contact, then you shouldn’t worry about seeming “negative.”

    I can certainly understand an older individual having young friends. But the red flag is that this neighbor has asked your sons to keep secrets from you. No responsible and respectful adult would ask young people to lie to or deceive others.

    You should be completely frank and honest with your sons. In the age of Jerry Sandusky and countless other stories of trusted adults “grooming” and then victimizing young people, if you “err” it should be on the side of transparency and honesty.

    You should also tell this neighbor — plainly and clearly — that you do not feel comfortable with his overt focus on your sons. Beyond that, if you have further (and concrete) reason to suspect anything creepy is going on, you should notify the police.

You can read the column (Link): here.

So, to recap, if you’re older, single, a male, and give gifts to college-aged men, you are clearly a perv who is grooming them to molest at a later date. Uh-huh.

If you’re a never married or divorced guy of roughly 30ish to 45ish, you will be suspected of being HOMOSEXUAL, but if you’re past, I dunno the exact cut off age, maybe 55ish, 60ish or older, you are a dirty old man who wants to DIDDLE KIDS (who in ths specific case are college students, not helpless pre teens).

Thank you world, thank you Amy, for perpetuating these awesome notions about unmarried people. We sure do appreciate it.

I wonder, would Amy print offensive stereotypes such as this about black people, Jews, or Muslims? Probably not. But single men and women over 40? Yeah, sure, why not.

In tribute to you older single guys:

Herbert the Pervert

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  1. Beautifully stated (and the video is HILARIOUS!!!!)! All of this reminds me of the passage “God is blasphemed by the Gentiles because of you”. The way the Churches behave is seen and astutely observed by those trying to find God in their own lives, and they see what “the people of God” are REALLY like, then they leave. And the Churches are SHOCKED? Un-be-lievable.

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