More ‘Men Are Visual’ Baloney, Discussed at Another Blog

More ‘Men Are Visual’ Baloney, Discussed at Another Blog (from someone with similar views as mine)

Here’s a post at another blog which covers some ground I’ve been over on my blog before:

(Link): Men Are Visual Women Are Vessels – post from (Link): “Emotional Abuse and You Blog

Here’s an excerpt or two from that page (please visit their blog to read the entire entry):

    This author [who tells married women their husbands are horn dogs to be sexually serviced around the clock, because they are visually stimulated all day long] needs to realize women feel used under those circumstances, and it doesn’t communicate being emotionally healthy at all. He basically states – men lust so make sure you are available when he needs it. Remember his ‘needs’. He is using shame to cover his sin.

    ….Are men going to notice women? Yes. They don’t have to be dressed a certain either. Think BURKA, and tell me those parts of the world LUST isn’t alive and well! They have a heck of a lot less ‘visuals’ to blame it on! Think about it.

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