Married People Aren’t More Virtuous Than Christian Singles

Series: Married People Aren’t More Virtuous Than Singles

Another example of a self- professing Christian having an extra marital affair, this time, a preacher no less.

A lot of (married) Christians assume only un-married Christians are engaging in sexual sins – as though married couples are above this sort of thing. They’re not. See previous posts on this blog for more commentary about this stereotype of Christian singles as being out of control horn dogs who are big ol’ tramps, and as though being married makes one immune from sexual sin or being tempted by it.

(Link): Megachurch Pastor David Loveless Resigns After Admitting to Past Affair

    By Jeff Schapiro , Christian Post Reporter
    May 7, 2013|3:11 pm
    David Loveless has resigned as the lead pastor of Discovery Church in Orlando, Fla., after admitting that he had an extramarital affair.

    “It is with great sadness that we announce the immediate resignation of our lead pastor, David Loveless, following his acknowledgement of his participation in a wrongful relationship over multiple years with a woman not his wife,” a statement from the church’s elder board reads. “While David indicates that the relationship was ended approximately three years ago, we were only made aware of it when he informed us in recent days. David offered his resignation and the elders prayerfully and unanimously accepted it.”

    The Church Wounds co-author and his wife, Caron, have been married for more than 37 years, and they have three married sons and seven grandchildren, according to his blog. The church he is leaving has been recognized as “one of the 10 healthiest churches in America,” his blog formerly stated, and he was recognized as “one of the top 20 Christian leaders in the U.S. to watch.”

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2 thoughts on “Married People Aren’t More Virtuous Than Christian Singles”

  1. Excellent points and article. I think stereotyping serves as the framework for uneducated people. Married people can do no wrong is because the family has been put on the pedestal of idolatry today. A couple with a two car garage and children — If you don’t fit that stereotype, your not seen in churches – which are, for the most part, uneducated.

    1. I would agree with you on that wholeheartedly. People seem to believe that Marrieds are righteous because there is an assumption that people cannot wait to have sex or that unmarried people are having promiscuous lifestyle. That’s a half-truth, for there are plenty of people who do have premarital sex. It’s also a half-truth because there are pockets of people who, despite having a sex drive, are not having sex too and are fully human, despite some saying it’s not possible for humans past age 18. For me, I know I have a drive for romance and sexuality that I would say is strong. However, Christ does call us to hold on strong, married or not, to purity.

      Sometimes I wonder whether in churches we love family, sex, and marriage more than we do the single Christ. I would rather love Him above all else. That’s my case.

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