Gotta Be Trendy and Relevant – The Church Wants Your Sex Part 3

Gotta Be Trendy and Relevant – The Church Wants Your Sex (Part 3)

Don’t you love how the average conservative Christian has fits that approximately 70% percent of Christians admit to having sex outside of marriage, but then, they turn around and endorse tasteless, provocative sexy sexy sermons in their churches about sex, or provide sexually salacious content on their You Tube church videos or church blogs?

Oh yeah, they like to remind listeners that “sex is only for marriage,” but they don’t seem to care that there are un-married Christians listening who are trying to refrain from sex.

It’s bad enough people are flooded with sex in TV, movies, and secular magazines day in and day out, but preachers insist upon sexing up their sermons and blogs too.

I do want to point out that not all singles struggle heavily with sexual temptation or sexual sin. Too often, singles are depicted as raging hormonal horn dogs. Some of us do experience some sexual desire, but we are not all wanking off to naughty photos or have insatiable pr0n addictions.

But still, the constant refrain on sex by churches means that the issues of virginity and celibacy are ignored. There are celibate singles sitting in the pews, but churches offer them no sermons, tips, advice, or encouragment.

I would assume that a lot of these churches that push these sensationalized sex series think they are being cool, trendy, or relevant. Maybe they think the secular culture considers Christians uptight fuddy-duddies when it comes to sex, and they’re trying to change that perception.

The Bible already says that the world (secular society) is not going to embrace Christians or Christianity. So why would a pastor expect, or even care about, how Non-Christians think how Christians view sex?

Some types of Christians keep saying they want to be “counter cultural.” Well, you know, since secular culture is already steeped to the hilt in sex- it’s in all the advertisements and so on – how “counter cultural” is it really to give church attendees more of the same?

As a Christian woman who has remained a virgin at age 40+, despite all the pressure from secular society to Do The Deed, and in spite of all the feminists in the 1980s during my teen years telling me I’m repressed or not as empowered if I’m not Doing It, and in spite of all the Christian pressure to pair off and marry just to have sex and pop out a kid, I’m already pretty “counter cultural.”


I have noticed in most of the ads for these church-sponsored sex sermons, a female form is chosen for illustrative purposes.

In one graphic for one church’s advertisement, a woman’s feet in pink stiletto heels is shown. In another, part of a woman’s face with red lips is used (that picture included with this post).

Why are these churches not using buff, sexy hot young shirtless men in their ads? Why show close-ups of female body parts? It’s hypocritical and sexist. And notice that the females they choose are always young and white. So we have possible racism and ageism going on as well. / Sexism Alert Over

“The Museum of Idoltary” ( has many examples of what it calls “Christian Erotica” that Christians and churches are pushing on the Christian community. Here are a few examples.

(Link): Porn star speaks at Hudsonville church

    Adult film actor Ron Jeremy spoke of business, God

    Published : Sunday, 21 Oct 2012, 6:53 PM EDT

    HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) – Hundreds of people attended a Hudsonville church Sunday to hear a famous adult film actor speak at an event.

    Ron Jeremy spoke at Daybreak Church in Hudsonville, causing some curious conversations among members of the church.

    “Some of the people I work with and some of the people I know were wondering why would he ever be coming to speak at our church,” church member Julie Murphy said.

    Jeremy played piano and harmonica to warm up the crowd before his light and upbeat message. He was invited as part of a duo; he spoke alongside California pastor Craig Gross. Gross runs the website, a ministry aimed at helping those with an addiction to pornography.

(Link): Video: Ignite Church Members singing “I’m Sexy and I Know It”

(Link): Sex Sermon by Preacher: Carrot Vs Doughnut

(Link): video with sermon: Jesus is Bringing Sexy Back

Whoa. I just read the description next to the “Jesus is Bringing Sexy Back” video on the video page (I haven’t watched the video), and this preacher ties the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ to sex? And this is part of his Easter sermons series? What?
(click the “read more” link to read the rest of this post)

The video description from their page:

    Judah Smith · April 8, 2012
    This Easter message continues with Part 7 of our series on sex. It discusses the word TORMENT, and how Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection give us freedom in every aspect of our lives, including our sexuality.

(Link): Video News Report Fox News: Pole Dancing for Jesus

Story from alittleleaven:

“Seeker-Driven Church Thrown Out of Elementary School For Wanting to Preach Obscenity”

    Great Lakes Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin has replaced the offense of the cross and the Gospel message that Christ died for our sins with the offense of sex and porn talk and the elementary school where they were meeting threw them out. (How sad is it when unbelievers ‘get it’ but these seeker-driven goat herders don’t?)

    Is this a case of Christian persecution? Absolutely NOT! But if you’re concerned that Great Lakes Church will not have a venue to preach their gospel of ‘great sex’, don’t worry. GLC found a movie theater that will allow them to worship their sex god. That’s appropriate since Great Lakes Church is rated R.

(Link): Cathedral of Hope in Dallas says it will host ‘gay Jesus’ play

There are other links to stories on the site about churches handing out condoms in services; selling sex toys (Granger Community Church); youth ministries putting on sex videos for youth (New Spring Church).

To promote the Sex for Sale message series at Granger Community Church, these radio spots were created and played at two local radio stations – driving people back to ((Link): Watch the video on You Tube)

(Link): Online radio critique, from Fighting for the Faith: SEX FOR SALE AT GRANGER COMMUNITY CHURCH – March 3rd, 2009

There are many more examples from the Museum of Idoltary site. Every time I see these church – sponsored sexified gimmicks, I think of that George Michael pop song from the 1980s, “I Want Your Sex.” Here is the George Michael video:

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4 thoughts on “Gotta Be Trendy and Relevant – The Church Wants Your Sex Part 3”

  1. 1. I haven’t too many sexy or glam churches in my area or ones that use that kind of advertising. But there are a few mega-churches where you would think you were at a high powered rock concert – complete with stage lights, smoke, and ear splitting volume. The reason some churches use the glam approach probably has to do with our over-sensationalized and commercialized culture. So many churches view themselves as corporations. Their billboards and TV spots are just part of their marketing campaign. Their bottom line money oriented approach is “give the people what they want.” And people today want sex, sensationalism, and scandal. Most of the country just spent over a year watching the Jodi Arias murder trial. That one had it all. Churches want it all too. They want to fill the pews. They want the mega bucks.

    Most churches probably are bored with the “average Jane” stories. But I think the real reason we are silenced is because we would make too many people look . . . bad. We are an embarrassment to them and would make most church parents uncomfortable if we spoke about virginity or saving sex until marriage. How many of them waited? Several fathers over the years have asked me “John, what am I going to tell my children?” My answer is always “the truth.”

    2. Why only scantily clad females? Good question. I think the main reason is because women today are objectified. Their value is only seen from a sexual standpoint; not as a complete human being with intelligence, feelings, opinions, etc.

    Yes, there are a lot of insecure wives. I guess some may have good reason to be, if their husbands have cheated on them.

    Women not talking — I was talking about in a friendly civilized kind of way, not anything to do with romance. I think there was a movie that asked the question: Can men and women ever be just friends? I think the answer is yes, but it’s getting harder and harder in the world we live in. As far as impolite church girls, I think most fall under two categories. They’re either too scared and uneducated because sex and relationships are never discussed in churches and homes or they’ve been raped or abused and find it hard to trust anybody. I understand both and try to keep myself aware at all times. As far as my church, I’m the only never married person between 26 and 97. I guess I may be looked at as a “child molester” if I talked to a 26 year old. The single moms and widowed ladies are much nicer anyway. This may sound funny, but it’s a fact. The odds of a person being struck by a meteorite twice on the same day would be much greater than meeting me – or any other 50+ year old guy who has waited. Probably about the same for you. Although rare, chivalry still exists and miracles still happen.

    Being blunt – I know I am very blunt and outspoken. That’s just who I am. I’d much rather girls be blunt as well, to tell the truth.

    I’ve never thought of myself as flirtatious. The mere meaning of the word “flirt” probably depends on how much you know about a person. Because two people have to meet some way, it’s human. Today I watched a male Mockingbird flirt with a female mockingbird. Somebody call the newspaper. We’ve got a story here.

    1. You said, “Women not talking — I was talking about in a friendly civilized kind of way, not anything to do with romance.”

      The women you’re around don’t know that, though. It does seem that often, when a guy approaches a lady, it is usually to flirt. (Or, many guys mistake simple friendliness for flirting when it’s not. I’ve had that happen billions of times.)

      About the churches with stages, fancy lighting, etc – many of them are “seeker friendly.” They try to be worldly, relevant, and include laser shows, gimmicks, and rock bands to attract Non-Christians, which has succeeded in actually making churches irrelevant and moronic.

  2. ChristianPundit – As far as churches go, I would even say that those who participate in fornication or adultery are rewarded while those those who play by the rules and live a life of virtue and self control are punished. Most churches ban us from preaching in their pulpits, we are never asked to be in a leadership position (teaching Sunday School, etc), we are never asked to serve as deacons, and (heaven forbid) we are never asked to lead a youth group. On the other hand, those who do have a train full of sexual baggage are promoted right up to the top of the pulpit. And if you want to be a deacon, my advice to any guy would be to get a mistress.

    As far as ageism and sexism, I would add one more thing. And this is from my perspective as a 52 yo virtuous Christian guy. The rudest and most self centered girls are usually . . . the ones in church claiming to be Christians. I’ve met many-many over the years and I’d say that’s true 90% of the time. They are the ones you can expect to walk by without speaking, to not return emails or phone calls, to be the most pessimistic and distrustful, and to ignore my existence. The girls who are not in church regularly are 10 times friendlier, usually more intelligent and conversive, and I spend a lot more time talking with them. And many of them of course are Christians. That’s a mystery I don’t understand. You may could say the same thing about guys. I don’t know.

    1. As per point 1.

      As has been discussed on a few post-Evangelical blogs among Christians, there is a weird desire and preference among some Christians and churches for glam, exciting, or sexy salvation testimonies.

      Or, “I used to be a boozer/ sex addict/ gang banger, but I’ve cleaned up my life now and feed soup to orphans.” Most churches are bored by “Average Jane” and “Average Joe” “I have lived a clean life style my whole life and am a Christian” type testimonies. Living a clean lifestyle and never having been a whoring, drinking, bank robbing jerk is not as exciting to most churches.

      Point 2.

      Well, I was speaking of church advertising, not sexism and ageism among church members in church in and of itself. Churches choose sexy scantily clad female imagery in their bill boards, fliers they mail to people, their blogs, etc, when they advertise church sermons. They never use males in these sorts of sex related ads. Why is that?

      Single females get the brush off from some married Christian males in church settings or online. Some married males are okay talking to single chicks, but their insecure wives are not, and drag them away by the elbow or hover protectively nearby, thinking I want to steal their man.

      As to why women don’t talk to you at church.

      I will guess it’s because they are not attracted to you, and are afraid you will get flirty with them, or ask them for a date. It’s easier for a woman to avoid a man altogether than let him down gently should he flirt or ask for a date.

      And females are taught from a young age to let guys down gently. We are raised not to be blunt and direct and tell a romantically-interested male to buzz off. We’d rather avoid men than put up with unwanted flirtation. They may have other reasons why they avoid you, that’s just a guess.

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