Students Discuss Dissatisfaction with “Hookup Culture” [Casual Sex, Fornication, Pre Marital Sex]

College Students Discuss Dissatisfaction with “Hookup Culture” [Casual Sex, Fornication, Pre Marital Sex]

I just (Link): did a post the other day by a secular source that published commentary by a Christian (or former Christian) gal who said she was sorely misled by Christian sexual purity teachings.

Isn’t it interesting, though, that the secular “anything goes when it comes to sex” culture also produces young people -or adults- who are dissatisfied with sex? Because it does. See article below.

Read the article here:

Students Speak Out Against the ‘Hookup Culture’

    CBN News has reported on the growth of immoral activities on college campuses such as Yale’s “Sex Week.” It’s part of a longtime trend of casual sex on college campuses known as the “hookup culture.” But students are growing tired of it and taking a stand for sexual purity.

    Princeton University freshman Christian Say admits he likes to swim against the tide. He is one of many students pushing back against pressure to have sex before marriage.

    “We don’t think the assumption should be that students are just going to be hooking up and having sex because there are people who think that is just not what leads to a good human life,” Say told CBN News in a recent interview near the school’s campus.

    College professor and author Donna Freitas writes about that “hookup culture,” naming three characteristics to describe it.

    …”There is an understanding with a lot of people in the hookup culture that there is this sort of emptiness to it,” Say told CBN News.

    ..”To hear so many students, either really unhappy or incredibly ambivalent [about] their sexual experiences in college is depressing to me,” Freitas said.

    Freitas surveyed more than 2,000 college students across the country. Forty-one percent of those students used words like “regretful,” “miserable,” “disgusted,” “ashamed,” “duped” and “abused” to describe their hookup experience. Twenty-three percent of them expressed ambivalence.

    From that study, the author concluded many of the students felt alone and unsure of how to change the culture.

    Freitas said, “In a lot of ways, starting is the hardest part because that requires some courage. The biggest hurdle to that is you have got all these students on campus who will say ‘I am the only one who feels this way, but everyone else is over here, and I am all alone over here.’ But you have so many students who are saying that, so a part of me wants to say ‘Listen, you are just like this other person. You should tell the world you feel that way and you are going to find all these friends.'”

(Link): Click here to read the rest of the CBN report

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