Talk Show Hosts Who Talk About Themselves

Talk Show Hosts Who Talk About Themselves

I watched James Robison interview Dr. Ben Carson.

Robison’s “Life Today” show is 30 minutes long, but really only about 15 – 20 minutes when you consider he devotes that last 10 to 15 of every episode asking for donations to build water wells in Africa.

Robison is guilty of a habit I’ve seen other hosts fall into: he will invite a guest on his show to presumably talk about the guest, but he winds up talking about HIMSELF while the guest sits there mute for 90% of the time he’s on.

Why would you bother having guests on your show if you won’t let them talk, or ask them questions about them?

Robison again used this guest as a spring board to discuss his favorite topic: himself, especially his early years. He never misses an opportunity to tell viewers his mom was raped at age 40/41, got pregnant with him, he grew up in poverty without a father.

I would hope that talk show hosts understand if they have a guest on, they should let their guest do most of the talking. But this was another episode where we heard less from the guest and more from the host.

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