‘Quitting Church’ Book by Julia Duin – electronic version now available

‘Quitting Church’ Book by Julia Duin – electronic version now available

Thank you to regular blog reader John M. for alerting me to the fact that a new version of “Quitting Church” by Julia Duin is now available, on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

I’m also amazed I have any regular readers at all. There’s one lady who faves a lot of my posts on this blog, another lady who comments once in a while, and a guy who faves my stuff every so often. Thank you all.

As a reminder, my blog may turn you all off. I’m stuck somewhere between being a Christian at a very minimal basis and being an agnostic. I also find myself cussing more lately when I get angry, which shows up in my posts on occasion. That kind of stuff may be a turn off for people who are still die hard, conservative, devout Christians. Anyway.

About Duin’s new Quitting Church book: at this point, it looks like there is no hard copy version available, only electronic.

At least, I’m assuming this is a second edition/ updated version, and not just an electronic version of the first edition? I’m not clear on that, and the sites selling copies don’t really spell it out.

I think the church situation has gone even more downhill since Duin released the original version of the book.

Seriously. Just spend time on blogs by ex Christians, Christians who quit church due to spiritual abuse or their kids were molested by pastors and Sunday School teachers. Then, you have Christians mature in the faith who are sick of the “seeker friendly” model, whose preachers remain stuck on “Christianity 101.”

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