Weird Dating / Marriage Advice by Joel Osteen

Weird Dating / Marriage Advice by Joel Osteen

In addition to (Link): old cliches for Christian singles and (Link): new cliches for Christian singles, there’s weird Word of Faith marriage / dating advice for Christian singles.

Example: Joel Osteen’s May 19, 2013 telecast, “Keep Your Vision in Front of You.”

In this broadcast, he advises singles who want to be married to put an empty photo album or photo frame by their bedside. Somehow this will usher Mr/Ms Right into their life.

Or something. I’m not really clear how that works. What if I think the male model in the free photo that comes with the frame is a real dream-boat, can I keep that in the frame and expect Mr. Male Model to wind up being my Mr. Right?

I know that might be shocking to some Christians, depending on what denomination you come from, because Christian males (and even some females) have been brainwashed into thinking that Christian women don’t care what a man looks like at all, as long as he’s “Mr. Spiritual,” we single women will over-look the beer gut.

I remember in a similar sermon from a few years ago, Osteen told a similar story, but that time, he told of a single woman who wanted to be married, so she bought a pair of men’s pants and put them on at the foot of her bed and prayed nightly that God fill the pants – ????? Yes, that’s how Osteen told the story.

Putting empty photo frames and empty pants around one’s room seems to be a very strange way of trying to get a spouse.

I really like chocolate. I had an empty wrapper for M&M’s candy on my desk for a long time, but God never replenished my M&M bag, like he did with the oil in (Link): 2 Kings 4. But then, I didn’t pray about it, so I have M&M’s not because I asketh-ed not for my M&M wrapper to be refilled, I suppose. See James 4:2.

But overall, I guess I can’t get into the “God will fill empty pants and frames” idea.

Here’s the sermon on You Tube:

Someone filed a complaint and the video was removed. I’ll see if I can find a copy. This might be it (“Keep Your Vision in Front of You”).

Dec 2014. The second video I put in here was removed, I’m trying to find a 3rd copy.

Edit. Aug 2016. The third copy was removed, on to find a 4th copy. 

Edit Dec 2016. Okay that version was taken down as well. Let me try again.

Seriously, if the chuckle heads at Osteen’s church have all these yanked, go to (Link): You Tube and do a search for “Joel Osteen Keep Your Vision in Front of You” and you can get a copy

Audio only:

Or try one of these copies:


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