Guy Says He Regrets Losing Virginity When Teen (He later got married to someone else)

Guy Says He Regrets Losing Virginity When Teen

Interview with guy who started having sex as a teen, was seduced by an older woman, later got into selling illegal drugs, then later became a Christian.

What I find interesting is that he said in the televised interview that he regretted losing his virginity as a teen to the older lady, and it impacted him for years afterwards.

I find that unusual because males usually brag about having sex. Most act like having sex outside of marriage is no big deal.

The guy in the interview later married and had 2 or 3 kids. So, lesson: you don’t have to be perfect or sexually pure to merit a spouse from God.

Here’s a link to the interview:

(Link): Scott Baum: Discovering the One True God

    Scott Baum was only eight years old when he was exposed to pornography.

    “As I grew older, I sensed a more physical desire for a woman and as time went on, that urge became stronger and stronger.”

    So at the age of twelve, Scott found himself in a relationship with a 19-year-old neighbor.

    “We drank together, and smoked pot together, and before long she was trying to invite me to give up my virginity. Eventually, that took place, and little did I know I’d given away something that I would rather not have. Biggest regret of my life.”

    Scott was crushed when he found out his girlfriend cheated on him.

    “It was such a scar, such a deep wound in me, emotionally, and at twelve years old, I think that’s a very impressionable age.”
    Scott’s drug and alcohol abuse continued throughout high school, along with his relationship with the older woman.