Why Not Focus On How Churches Can Help Adult Singles?

Why Not Focus On How Churches Can Help Adult Singles?

Why oh why are Christians so narrowly focused on marriage – on getting people married at 21, at helping married couples with their sex lives, or supporting them in other ways?

When is the church going to start helping SINGLE people as much as they do married people? When are singles going to get as much consideration as married couples?

Take the following article at Christianity Today.com. By the way, I come from a military family, also with cousins and siblings who have served in all branches (Air Force, Marines, Navy, tours of duty in Gulf War 1, Vietnam), so do not accuse me of being “anti military” by speaking out in opposition to this:

Link: Onward, Christian Couple – How marriages can survive deployment—with some help from the church. – from Christianity Today magazine

Hey, Christianity Today: less articles and editorials about marriage and how to help married people and publish more material on how Christians can help Christian singles over the age of 30.

Military families already have military support groups on military bases. On an unofficial level, the military wives meet together and so on and so forth.

What do single Christians have, in the way of assistance? Nada. Nothing.


(Link): Lifeway Research: Pastors Encourage Single Adults, Some Provide Targeted Ministries (How Churches Are Ministering to Adult Singles in 2022)

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