Lists of More Married Preachers Arrested for Being Rapists or Child Molesters

Lists of More Married Preachers Arrested for Being Rapists or Child Molesters

Please see my post right before this one: Stereotypes Against Singles Refuted Series: Married IFB Preacher Arrested for Being Serial Rapist

As it turns out, the “Stuff Fundies Like” site has many, many posts about pervy married pastors. Here is one entry at that site with a long list of married Baptist preachers who raped or fondled grown men, little boys, little girls, and/or grown women:

(Link): Isolated Incidents (Completely Unrelated To All The Others Just Like It)

That page links to another with even more links to more news stories of pervy married preachers:

(Link): Blog On The Way (see the side bar on the right hand side of the page)

The lady who runs that blog had this to say to a commentator on the SFL site:
[Explaining that she focuses on child abuse cases among IFB churches]
As I wrote previously, if I documented all the adultery, adult porn, adult fornication, and gay flings among Fundamentalist preachers, I would [n]ever be able to hold down a job.

One heartbreaking, disgusting story featured on both blogs was this one, about a MARRIED BAPTIST COUPLE:

(Link): Joe and Evangeline Combs (from Blog on the Way)

    Pastor Joe Combs and his wife, Evangeline Combs, were former Hyles-Anderson faculty/staff members. Though both had been members of Hyles’ church in Hammond Indiana, at the time of their arrest, he was pastoring in Bristol, TN.

    Joe and Evangeline Lopez Combs adopted their daughter, whom they named Esther, from the Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries, Inc., in nearby Valparaiso, Indiana. The woman then known as Esther Combs has said that her first memory is of being thrown down the stairs in her high chair. As a child, she was beaten, thrown against the wall (knocking out two teeth, which Evangeline rammed back into their sockets, burned repeatedly and with different instruments, including hot oatmeal and curling irons), cut open by blows from her parents, which Evangeline sewed closed with a needle and thread, and turned into a serving girl for the rest of the family.

    Joe Combs used her for sex repeatedly, and Evangeline Combs became jealous of her and continued the torture, including pulling out pieces of her skin with pliers. Finally, as a young adult, Elsa (then Esther) drank antifreeze to kill herself….

    Eventually, the young woman found the strength to call law enforcement back, and an investigation was launched. It was quickly discovered that Elsa (then Esther) had no birth certificate, no school records, no medical records, and no Social Security number. While Joe and Evangeline and their natural children lied up and down, investigators searched neighborhood trash cans and dumping grounds to locate family photos that had disappeared….

Yes, not only were these two cretins married, claimed to be Baptist Christians, one worked as a preacher, but they also had children with each other, biological.

I’m sorry to keep repeating myself (and this is something I will say again in the future), but…

    Conservative Christians think that fatherhood or motherhood automatically make a Christian more responsible and godly – they do not.

    News reports such as these do not fit in with the paradigm held by a lot of conservative Christians, particularly Baptists (IFB and SBC and others) and conservative evangelicals that married people are more sexually pure, more morally upright, or more mature than never-married adults (or the divorced) over the age of 25 – 30.

    The truth is that married people (and parents) are no more godly, mature, responsible, or sexually upright than singles, or never married adults who have never had children.

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