Famous Historical Christian Figure Expects Everyone To Fail At Sexual Purity

Famous Historical Christian Figure Expects Everyone To Fail At Sexual Purity

Go to this page and click on the dark red colored link that says “Podcast 25”

(Link): Mere Christianity: Politics, Sex, Marriage

I listened to that podcast one time yesterday, in which the host discusses C S Lewis’ views about sex. It is possible either the host unintentionally misrep. the guy’s views, or I didn’t understand what he’s saying.

Based on my understanding of his podcast, it sounded to me as though he said Lewis was saying nobody, and I mean nobody, not even Christians, can be expected to live a life of sexual purity – and as such, because EVERYONE misses the mark in sexual purity, we should all be super duper, super forgiving about sexual sin.

I’ve heard of C. S. Lewis over the years, though I’ve never actually read any of his books for myself. I thought this Lewis guy was supposedly a great stalwart defender and expositor of the Christian faith – but he thinks it’s impossible for Christians to remain sexually pure? Not quite the defender of Christian morals I thought he would be.

One reason of several why there is so much fornication among Christians today is not due solely to delayed marriage, it’s not all the smut in society, it’s not due to The Pill and feminism, but that Christians have no expectation that people, whether Christian or Non, can practice sexual self control.

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