Robertson Defends His Horrible Advice to Married Woman

Robertson Defends His Horrible Advice to Married Woman

On today’s broadcast of “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson’s co host, Terri, read a message from a woman who had divorced years ago and said she thought Robertson’s advice was great and she wishes she had heard that advice years ago.

This is the same awful advice Robertson was dragged over the coals for a week ago, because he did not hold the cheating male spouse accountable for his cheating but blamed the cheating on the wife.

Out of the 100,000 people who heard Robertson’s advice, 999,999 of them thought it was sexist and horrible, but one lady, one (who wrote their show today) found it sage and helpful.

Today, Robertson again brushed off the sexism and crappiness of his advice by saying, “I’m not “PC” in case you haven’t noticed.”

You can watch and listen to Robertson defend his lousy advice here:

(Link): Pat Robertson Bring It On, Defends Lousy Sexist Advice

Robertson said in that video that only Non Christians are attacking him for that advice: wrong. I’ve been a life long Christian (on the edge of agnosticism lately), and I found his advice sexist and deplorable, and I’ve seen other Christians online who thought his advice was terrible.

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