Women Are Visually Oriented Too – Reminder 1

Women Are Visually Oriented Too – Reminder 1

Huge myth out there among Christian conservatives that women are purely emotional, sentimental, and only want cuddles and enjoy knitting sweaters and brewing tea… while all men are sexified types who are visually oriented, sex- obsessed sex beasts.

Women – Christian women- are not blind. Women are visually oriented. Women do not lack a libido.

One of my top Hollywood crushes is actor Hugh Jackman (yes, I’ve heard the rumors about him, don’t know if they are true, don’t care – I just enjoy looking at the pretty picture that he is). I’m borderline Christian (I’ve turned a bit towards agnosticism lately, not entirely), and I have eyesight.

But for years I was a very conservative Christian. I have sexual desire, even during years I was a staunchly conservative Christian, and I appreciate a fine looking man. Many other Christian women are the same as I am.

But the vast majority of Christian teachings and content about dating, sex, gender differences, and marriage continually assume that women don’t want sex at all, don’t like it at all, and that women supposedly don’t care about men’s physical appearance, when most of us do. Very much.
Men need to stay in shape – the ladies do not like scrawny, ugly, or fat guys, but most Christian preachers and publications don’t teach men this, they instead tell women to stay in shape and look pretty.

Women do enjoy looking at guys who look like this (these are photos of actor Hugh Jackman):


Christian women would prefer looking at a guy like Hugh Jackman, than say, Barney Fife.

Really, preachers need to stop assuming that all women totally lack sex drives, that they all hate sex all the time, or that women only care about a man’s “spirituality” or inner qualities and will happily date (or marry) a fat baldy, if only he’s really nice and he carries a Bible under one arm. Oh puh-leeze. That is not reality.

Here’s a musical reminder that women have sex drives and enjoy hot looking men:

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