Lookism in or Hinted At in Church Woman Conference Title

Lookism in or Hinted At in Church Woman Conference Title

Cottonwood Church, headed by pastor Conley, ((Link): site), based out of California, has a woman’s convention called “Beautiful.”

Maybe this church means well. Maybe the word “beautiful” is meant to focus on a woman’s “inner” beauty – but given the fact that women get bombarded with the “you must be physically attractive at all times, your whole life, and your value resides in nothing else but your physical beauty” message both from secular and Christian culture, I do wish this church had chosen another theme or word to describe their woman’s conference, one other than “Beautiful.”

Why didn’t they choose to call this woman’s conference “Brainy,” “Clever,” “Sharp as a Tack,” “Savvy,” “Witty” or “Awesome”?

Here is a screen shot of their 2013 Woman’s “Beautiful” conference (a.k.a. “Real Women Conference”) : (Link): site):


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