The Train Wreck That Is the Southern Baptist Denomination

The Train Wreck That Is the Southern Baptist Denomination

As I was just remarking in the comments of the previous post to someone else:

    [About the SBC’s stance on men viewing pornography and what they consider success in conquering this issue.] That’s only the half of it. There have been a ton of articles the past two weeks about how membership in Southern Baptist Churches has dropped.

    There is also in-fighting, in that the Neo Calvinists (aka YRRs) are trying to take over the SBC.

    SBC guy Al Mohler continues to stand by SGM leader CJM who allegedly covered up child sexual abuse for over ten years in SGM churches.

    I’m thinking maybe I should do a new post about this. Hmm. I was brought up in the SBC, btw.

As long as the SBC continues to…

  • ignore child sexual abuse and turn a blind eye to it; as long as the SBC continues to
  • obsess over politics and the culture wars (battling homosexual marriage etc),
  • as long as they keep allowing Al Mohler and other Calvinists sneak young, hyper Neo Calvinists into churches that don’t want to be Calvinist, and as long as
  • they keep insisting on a sexist (gender complementarian) view of women, and as long as Southern Baptists continue
  • to focus mainly or only on the traditional, nuclear family and traditional marriage and overlook the never married or divorced or widowed adults past the age of 30;

they will keep on losing members.

See this news story I linked to under this paragraph? See how the SBC continues to try to make America into their image, how they hope America to be, instead of dealing with how America is (single and childless)? Until the SBC begins to accept people where they are (unmarried and without children) and keeps trying to return the USA back to its 1955 nuclear family status, they will keep alienating 50% or more of the US population:

Southern Baptists Leaders Resolve to Rekindle Family Life, Condemn Divorce

    ORLANDO, Florida, June 18, 2010 ( – On the last day of their annual meeting, U.S. leaders of Southern Baptists, a Christian denomination boasting 16.16 million members, approved resolutions of recommittment to vigorously promoting the institution of marriage and the family in their churches. The Baptist leaders especially condemned the scandal of divorce and legislative attempts to normalize homosexuality in the military and the workplace.

✯ Here are some links about the continued decline of the Southern Baptist denomination and the issues that are causing the decrease in membership:


✤ —General News Coverage of SBC Membership Decline—

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✤ —SBC’s Poor Handling of Child Sex Abuse—

When will SBC address clergy sex abuse? – Associated Baptist Press

Southern Baptists urged to root out molesters

The Southern Baptist Convention and Sex Abuse of Children Within

You may be seen as fringe. [Re: Those who confront and expose child sexual abuse in SBC are insulted and silenced]

Southern Baptists pass resolution urging all abuse allegations to be reported to authorities (June 12, 2013)

Southern Baptists urge abuse reporting

Southern Baptists urge reporting of abuse claims

Southern Baptists urge reporting of abuse claims

✤ — Calvinism Sneaking Its Way into Southern Baptist Churches by Calvinist SB Leaders

How Calvinism Is Dividing The Southern Baptist Convention

Heading into annual meeting, Southern Baptists face discord over Calvinism

Centuries-old Calvinist debate causing divisions within Southern Baptist Convention

As Baptists Prepare to Meet, Calvinism Debate Shifts to Heresy Accusation

Southern Baptists Agree To Disagree Over Calvinism (June 12, 2013)

✤ —SBC Caters Only To Nuclear Families, Ignores Unmarried People and Otheres—

Unmarried America: How Single Adults Are Changing the Face of the U.S. and What It Means for the Church

✤ —SBC Supports Sexism Under the Label of “Biblical Gender Complementarianism”—

It’s not complementarianism; it’s patriarchy

Jonathan Aigner and Kelsey Seifert: “I was raised as a Southern Baptist homeschooler deep in the heart of Texas.”

Southern Baptists and their Gender Double-Standard


    In an online interview with Christianity Today’s Sarah Pulliam, the SBC’s Richard Land — who said he is “ecstatic” about the selection of Sarah Palin as Republican candidate for vice president — threw holy water on any notion that a woman he considers qualified to lead the free world can lead him in prayer and worship.

The SBC remains obsessed with social causes, such as homosexuality, which is one reason their denom is going down the toilet.

Southern Baptists condemn Boy Scouts over admission of gays (June 12, 2013)

Southern Baptists oppose Scouting’s policy on gays

I may add more links to this post about these issues and how the SBC is failing in regards to them, as I find them.

3 thoughts on “The Train Wreck That Is the Southern Baptist Denomination”

    1. Thank you for the feedback and the link! I will edit the main post to add it.

      I was brought up in the Southern Baptist Church, and they have really dropped the ball on several issues, which I was trying to cover in this post. This blog mostly discusses singleness and how singles are excluded from churches, but I’m interested in other topics as well.

      It’s funny to me that while (IMO) it’s pretty straight forward why the SBC is losing members, many in the SBC (the leaders and preachers) are either puzzled why they are losing members, or a few are convinced it’s due to the SBC not preaching “sound doctrine.” It’s not a lack of sound doctrine. They have truck loads of sound doctrine on many topics (not on the gender roles thing, though).

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