“He’s Got Muscles” – Pat Robertson Weirdness (Discussing Tebow’s Sexiness)

“He’s got muscles” – Pat Robertson Weirdness (Discussing Tebow’s Sexiness)

I almost forgot about this! On the June 11, 2013 broadcast of “The 700 Club,” host Pat Roberston was talking about Tim Tebow, the football player.

Robertson got a little nutty, though, going into details about Tebow’s physique. If I can find video of it on You Tube, I’ll add it to this post.

I don’t recall Robertson’s exact words, but he mentioned something about Tim Tebow’s “muscular body,” and I think Tebow’s “wide shoulders” and developed chest.

And I sat there listening, thinking, “What the hell? Did I just hear Robertson describe Tim Tebow like a randy woman would a Chippendale’s dancer in Vegas? I do believe I did. Ew. There is just something wrong about that.”

Okay, here is the video of Robertson discussing Tebow’s bod (I have additional comments below this video in this blog post):


Remember, as I’ve brought up before on this blog (see here and here and here), women are visual, which is not something you will see 99% of conservative Christian males (or non Christian ones) admit to themselves. Male preachers like to go on about how males are “visually oriented,” well, so are women!

(Link): Pat Robertson: Tim Tebow A Steamy Hunk of Man

(Link to left wing site): Pat Robertson: Jets Treatment Of Tim Tebow Was ‘Shameful,’ But Athlete Has Big Muscles (VIDEO)


    Oddly, Robertson also used the opportunity to heap praise on Tebow’s physique.

    “He’s got an incredible attitude, and, man, has he got muscles! He’s been working out and got this chest and muscles…,” Robertson starts to say, before trailing off.

For the ladies (and that sly dog, Robertson, if he’s lurking), check out this photo of a shirtless Tebow photo. Soak in all those muscles, woo hoo:

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow
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