And Will He Be Giving Sermons on Sexual Purity? Re: Church Restores Pastor Removed for Adultery

And Will He Be Giving Sermons on Sexual Purity? Re: Church Restores Pastor Removed for Adultery

This is yet another example of how Christians do not truly uphold their stated beliefs about traditional marriage, sexual purity and virginity- until- marriage, and it’s another example that flies in the face of all the emergent and liberal Christian propaganda that sexual purity teachings are idolized in Christian culture.

(Link): Megachurch Restores Founding Pastor Removed for Adultery – Christianity Today

    Jim Bolin isn’t the only pastor to step down over adultery, but few receive pardons and return to their same church. However, most National Association of Evangelical board members say pastors can be restored to church roles after marital infidelity. The highest-profile case study: Ted Haggard.

I wonder, after this pastor is “restored,” will he be telling the teenagers in sermons that “true love waits” and telling older singles that “celibacy is a gift” or writing marital guides and dating advice books and blogs telling singles that fornication is a no-no?
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I’m all for God’s grace and people being forgiven and getting second chances, but really, in this day and age of virginity being mocked and dismissed, even by so-called “Christians,” and nobody encouraging older virgins to ‘keep on keeping on,’ this sort of story is rather distasteful to me.

For those who would fornicate, there are no penalities. Those who have pre-marital sex and extra-marital sex get off scot-free; they suffer no consequences from society, none from God, none from the church (I wrote more about this consequence- free, sexual lapsed lifestyle in an older post on the blog (Link): here)

That is one reason of a few why I’ve given up on waiting until marriage to have sex myself. As soon as I get certain aspects of my personal life together and begin dating again (which may be a year or more away), and if I’m dating, and the boyfriend is okay, I am now totally open to having sex. I’m not waiting anymore. Oh, and any guy I date does not have to be a Christian. I’m over that, too.
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