Married Christian Preacher and Mistress Try to Kill Wife – Married Christians not more stable, mature, or godly than Singles

Married Christian Preacher and Mistress Try to Kill Wife – Married Christians not more stable, mature, or godly than Singles

You should know the drill by now: one commonly held stereotype among married Christians is that single Christians, even those past the age of 30, are less godly and mature than married Christians.

Here’s another example of this not being the case: a married Christian preacher man who was not only having an affair, but he and his mistress tried to kill the guy’s wife.

The added bonus to this story is that some of the church members of this perverted rat bastard preacher are supporting him.

Pastor Indicted for Plotting To Poison Wife on Honduras Mission Trip

    by Melissa Steffan

    Local church members in Union City, Tennessee, may be standing behind their former pastor—even though he is accused of plotting to kill his wife while on a short-term missions trip.

    Local news sources report that Eddie Mallonee, who served as pastor at Second Baptist Church for 15 years, has been indicted for conspiracy and attempt to commit first-degree murder. Shelley Moran, Mallonee’s alleged mistress and a Second Baptist Church member, also has been indicted in the same plot. Their target? Mallonee’s wife.

    NWTN Today reports that Mallonee’s plan “allegedly involved obtaining poison with which to kill Mallonee’s wife, transporting the poison to Honduras and attempting to administer the poison to Mrs. Mallonee in her drink, according to the indictment.”

    Mallonee resigned from his pastoral role at the church in February amid accusations that he had had an affair with Moran. Now, however, some church members are supporting Mallonee: “Fliers posted all over the Obion County Courthouse that read ‘The blood of Jesus forgives sins’ hint at the loyalty Second Baptist Church members have for their former pastor,” WMC-TV reports.

    Church leaders, however, had a different statement. Local news station WPSD reported that the church released the following statement:

    Second Baptist Church is broken hearted and grieved over this situation. We will seek God’s will and direction on how to love and minister to all of those affected. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we will continue to serve God in our community through ministry and missions for his glory.

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